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Bio I live in Edinburgh and my hobbies include arranging my CDs in alphabetical order, discovering new and exotic whiskies, sheep-spotting and flying my kite.
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Twitter Web Client : Essentially, Johnson has either:
a) lied to the court
b) lied to Parliament
c) lied to both.
The first is perjury, the second - in decent times - used to mean resigning.
But we no longer live in decent times.…

Twitter Web Client : Intriguing: Article 50 provides that a member state can leave the EU only according to its ‘constitutional requirements’. If the Prime Minister is violating the UK’s constitutional requirements, which include the Benn Act, then Article 50 is null and void.…

Twitter Web Client : Scotland in Union statement on the smacking ban: “We have evidence of Scots parents getting together to hire Transit vans and loading them up with naughty children. They drive them to Berwick for an orgy of smacking. Berwick is becoming the corporal punishment centre of Europe.”

Twitter Web Client : It would help if you told people that this deal breaks the Good Friday Agreement and is completely unworkable, otherwise people might get the idea that the EU is being unreasonable. Which it isn’t.

I hope this helps.…

Twitter Web Client : I suppose I should tweet something for #NationalPoetryDay, so here's one from the ultimate chronicler of the grim medical condition known as Scottishness, Mr. Ivor Cutler.

Unexpected Join

meets the
sky over

I was
a sparrow with
a lump on
its head.

Twitter Web Client : Word of the #NationalPoetryDay: “poesis” - the act of bringing into being something that did not exist before, the process of creation (from Ancient Greek “ποιέω”, “to make”, to undertake an action that transforms & extends the given world). Cf Scots “makar”; poet, bard, maker.