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Bio I live in Edinburgh and my hobbies include arranging my CDs in alphabetical order, discovering new and exotic whiskies, sheep-spotting and flying my kite.
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Twitter Web Client : The EU country closest to Scotland in terms of population is Slovakia. (Scotland: 5.425 million, Slovakia: 5.435 million)
Slovakia is a constituency of the European Parliament, currently represented by fourteen MEPs.
As part of the UK, Scotland has six. #MarrShow

Twitter Web Client : Reminder: in 1973 Tory PM Edward Heath declared a state of emergency. Britons had to get used to living under candlelight as power cuts became a feature of everyday life.
Nine months after the blackout winter there was a baby boom.…

Twitter Web Client : If, as seems possible, the so-called "Red Wall" is breached and the Tories win swathes of seats in the North of England then we're condemned to not just five years of Johnson, but a generation of Tory rule. Scotland has an escape route. Please use it. #VoteSNP2019 #MarrShow

Twitter Web Client : Last couple of days on Planet Tory:
- Disabled people should be paid less than the minimum wage because they don’t understand money.
- People who use food banks are just shit at budgeting and should take out a payday loan.
And yet people are *still* going to vote for them.

Twitter Web Client : So many relentless zingers in Frankie Boyles pre-election piece I feel quite exhausted. Particularly liked Boris Johnson, who looks like something you’d keep your pyjamas in.” It does, however, end on rather a touching and hopeful note.…

Twitter Web Client : Donald Tusk says a new element in politics is “the unprecedented readiness to lie on almost everything … to treat a lie as a justifiable tool to win” and that this “shameless” behaviour would have disqualified politicians only 10 years ago.…

Twitter Web Client : Note - not “threat of independence,” but “threat of a referendum”.
If you consider voting and democracy itself to be a “threat,” you’d better reconsider your party’s name, Jo.…

Twitter Web Client : Weapons of mass destruction 30 miles from our biggest city.
Homeless people dying in freezing conditions on our streets.
A neo-fascist government-in-waiting, aided and abetted by a corrupt media.
Some folk need to re-evaluate their priorities. That is all.

Twitter Web Client : In these divisive days, I'd like to thank President Donald J. Trump for uniting virtually the entirety of the British people in the concerted belief that he's a total gobshite.