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Bio Alexander Lee Eusebio a.k.a. XANDER. Original member of K-pop group U-KISS. \m/(=v=) A Christian boy, a Korea University student, n currently a solo artist.
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iPhone : Question: Given that Xander has height fright and couldn’t stand free fall, calculate the chance for Xander to accept this challenge?😱 [Answer: 0.1% I will accept.]…

iPhone : This #SuperBand show is INSANE! So many TALENTED n young people. Not only guitar, but even violin n cello. And of course got Kevin Oh 케빈오 too!😍 와... 이 프로그램 정말 새롭고 재밌다~ Oh케빈~~ Thank God u r talented so I don’t have to worry~ hahaha 화이팅!!!💪🏻…

iPhone : Jae-Ha Kim 김재하 Hahahahaha!😂 People said I have a small face but I’m smart so I must have a big brain. ✊🏻+🧠=👽 Wow, thanks. #UniverseWideHandsome

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iPhone : One thing to clarify: “Congrats for not being caught, u better be careful” means “U r lucky ya not caught, so u better be afraid.” Sorry that u’re not smart enough to understand my words n twist it to think I’m maleficent. Won’t blame u though. This is the Internet era. Chao~

iPhone : And if u already r a victim, do NOT be afraid to inform anyone for help. It is NOT your fault. Do NOT blame yourself for being careless, u understand? Anyway, that’s it. Simply saying this cuz I have a sister. No other motivation nor throwing shades. No more discussion. Peace out

iPhone : I don’t wanna discuss more but one last thing I need to say: A girl in Korea was victimized by her guy friend she knew for 12 years. She passed out in a karaoke n the guy took that chance. My point is, ladies, PLEASE be extra extra careful. You never know who is trustable.

iPhone : I know this is a sensitive issue, but I just wanna say, 연예인(celebrities) r public figures so they r punished openly, maybe to set an example. But imagine how many 일반인/ordinary guys secretly did/do such thing. Congrats if ya not caught, but u better be careful... #justsaying