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Bio 1/2 of @lunarsaloon. Patreon at Twitch at I enjoy all 3 Matrix movies. I do @freelancewars.
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Twitter Web App : Ogilvy Ad agencies – sell people things with quirky, irreverent humor, and help recruit racists to work at concentration camps! Oh, the places you'll go!

Twitter Web App : "Look, only PART of the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol is using concentration camps. Hell, Coke makes sugary drinks! That's pretty bad too! I think everyone is losing sight of the real danger here: The potential damage to our brand!" – Ogilvy's CEO, 2019…

Twitter Web App : The thing is, when vegans say, "It tastes like cheese!", they're being sincere. Those sad saps have just willfully forgotten what cheese tastes like, otherwise they couldn't find joy in their joyless substitutes. And hey, more power to em. Animal agriculture is killing the planet

Twitter Web App : Update: The Vegan Queso actually tastes alright, but it ain't cheese by a country mile. It's a cashew dip. I kind of mashed up the cashew dip recipe here:… with this one:…

Twitter Web App : Finally caught Kurosawas Yojimbo and freelancers should take a page out of Sanjuros book if theyre ever shamed for discussing money.

Twitter Web App : Dylan Basically you can always replace the word "vegan" with "bad" and have a more accurate description. In this case, I'm making "Bad Queso".

Twitter Web App : Currently cooking for folks with severe dietary restrictions and I'm making something purporting to be "vegan queso", which appears to be nothing short of a horrible blasphemous affront to god made of, please kill me, cashews and hot water.

Twitter Web App : I'm looking forward to a more robust Dota Underlords post-game screen that shows stuff like your game's W-L record, total dmg dealt per unit, board formations, your NEMESIS, stuff like that. This is fun to share, but doesn't paint a full enough picture of a match. 🤞