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iPhone : NEW: The Woman Who Has An NDA With Dominic Raab Has Complained To One Of His Top MP Supporters After They Called Her Claims “Vexatious”…

TweetDeck : Because of the NDA, 'E' cannot respond to Maria Miller's comments

Miller tells BuzzFeed News: “the matter is being handled by lawyers"

Extremely awkward for the woman and equalities committee chair...…

TweetDeck : 'E', the woman who has the NDA with Dominic Raab, has written to Maria Miller complaining about her interview with the BBC in which Miller called the bullying claims "vexatious"…

TweetDeck : NEW: The women and equalities select committee chair is in a legal dispute with a woman who has an NDA with her preferred leadership candidate, in the week her committee published a report criticising NDAs

Pretty extraordinary when you think about it:…

TweetDeck : NEW:

This week, The Daily Telegraph’s star political columnist Allison Pearson successfully got management to delete one of her columns which complained about reality TV show “The Voice” because her daughter is auditioning for the show.…

TweetDeck : Channel 4 are planning to put up a lectern with Boris Johnson's name on it in large letters and keep it in shot throughout Sunday night's debate if he doesn't show

"It will be very obvious to viewers all the way through the 90 minutes" – source

iPhone : The quote that will haunt new LibDem MP Chuka Umunna and appear on Labour leaflets at the next election: “I could never ever countenance suggesting voters support Liberal Democrat candidates on account of their Remain credentials”