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iPhone : Our new field investigation has documented an alarming pattern of the Hong Kong Police Force deploying reckless & indiscriminate tactics, including while arresting people at protests, evidence of torture & other ill-treatment in detention.

iPhone : In four charts, the FT’s Asia Markets correspondent Hudson Lockett illustrates how having a dollar-based financial hub on its doorstep matters to corporate China.

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iPhone : #HongKong in 2019: Freedom of (cake) expression under threat.
Reporters find two major chain bakeries refuse to write 光復香港 時代革命 (Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of the Times) on birthday cakes

TweetDeck : a good read to look into why protesters are talking abt vigilantism - or Si Liu - to settle attacks by govt supporters. many said it's becoz of police's inaction:
Why protesters are choosing fist fights and vigilantism to settle scores… via @scmpnews

iPhone : For this Hong Konger, hearing "Glory to Hong Kong" has been transformative, writes Vivienne Chow. "Never had I imagined there could be a song, sung in my native tongue of Cantonese ... that could evoke such a sense of pride and belonging."

iPhone : Someone’s written “rioters go to hell” on a poster of a protest slogan and another person has criticised the calligraphy of the scrawled comment

TweetDeck : Take a look please. I wonder how many hours it took for our graphics team to deliver this awesome project.
Hong Kong: 100 days of protests via SCMP infographics #HKProtest #HongKongProtests #antielab

TweetDeck : Harry Harrison gives an analysis of public sentiment in #HongKong for Carrie Lam and her govenment in the SCMP News almost every day... after 100 days of protest she wants to know what people think

Twitter Web Client : MTR doesn't appear to have a way out of the hole it got dropped in/dug itself: MTR struggles to maintain operations amid Hong Kong protests…

iPhone : [Thread] This CUHK survey commissioned by 明報即時新聞 is making the rounds on HK internet and the results about the use of force is, to me, most interesting.…

iPhone : A history of dissent in Hong Kong. Deep dives into how the Chinese Communist Party, tycoons & young people are shaping the city. Fictional short stories about HK life in the 1980s. 5 books (& a thread) that help explain the current discontent in HK. By me…

iPhone : At press conference just now, Hong Kong Police Force spox issued a long & entirely justified condemnation of pro-democracy protesters beating opponents up.

But there was not even a mention of pro-Beijinger who assaulted protesters, both on Saturday & Sunday.

Impressively tone deaf.

iPhone : Poster outside MTR station calls on people to boycott the subway system for a day each week to hit revenues. The network has drawn ire for closing stations near protests and over perceived support for the government and police

iPhone : A survey by the Chinese University shows 75% of Hongkongers do not accept government responding to only one of their five demands to withdraw the extradition bill. More than 70% demand the government to set up an independent commission of inquiry…

iPhone : Water cannon hit by petrol bomb and caught on fire. #antielab #hongkongprotests

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iPhone : And we are walking down Hennessy road - five fingers are for the five demands - protesters call for “not one less” as leader Carrie lam has only met one so far

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iPhone : The mainland’s new nationalism comes with a heavy dose of old patriarchy. The battle over Hong Kong—like so many nationalist contests—is being fought over the metaphorical & the literal bodies of women.… by Jeannette Ng 吳志麗

iPhone : People are already boycotting the trains or jumping turnstiles (almost unheard of before) for what they see as collusion with police/gov, so the MTR thinks it needs to alienate even more people…