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American🇺🇸Alley I am Flynn⭐⭐⭐ Text TRUMP - 88022

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Android : New York is passing a law to FINE $250,000 if u THREATEN to Turn in ILLEGALS!

Should NEW YORK fine $250,000 if u turn in ILLEGAL?


Should Trump counter NEW YORK
and pass U.S law that pays $250,000 reward if u turn in ILLEGAL?


Android : If you Rt w/comment and add to a statement you may want to consider doubling back and retweeting the original post. May take 2 seconds...

We’ve got an election to Win #Vote

Twitter Web App : You think Barr and Durham would have gone all the way to Italy to interview officials with knowledge of Obamas spying operations on Trump if they werent serious about taking these perps down?

Facebook : Im still a reg. #Dem Why R #Democrats Freaking-Out right now & Lying abt #Ukraine - when #BidenCrimeFamily & #KerryCrimeFamily R the ones who engaged in #Corruption??? They know the #Military has PROOF...…

iPhone : OH MY GOSH!

I just heard that Donald J. Trump is having a rally in Dallas on October 17th

& it just so happens that I’ll be in Dallas on the exact same day!

I don’t care how long I have to stand in line — I’m coming.

iPhone : The ICIG was discussing improving intake forms as early as March 2019, according to the watchdogs semiannual report. See page 17 here:…

h/t walkafyre

Hootsuite Inc. : Your garage door should definitely hit the floor when its closed! Give us a call today to schedule an appointment - 702-979-2870 #FixItFriday

Android : She has the nerve to call our President Trump as corrupt as a human tornado. Whats that make Hillary? She is as corrupt as a Nuclear Bomb! We didnt just dodge a bullet by not electing this lying corrupt criminal. We dodged a Nuclear bomb! Hillary we will not rest til you are in GITMO!…

Twitter Web App : ...I have no patience for injustice, no tolerance for government incompetence, no sympathy for leaders who fail their citizens.
~Donald J. Trump


Twitter Web App : Ann Widdecombe: My message to Parliament ⬇️

“Make sure that your children and your children’s children grow up in an independent, proud Britain.”

This is what we should all be campaigning for! Are you ready?

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