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iPhone : A Young Man Set To Attend Western Michigan University Was Beheaded In Saudi Arabia. This is the country that trump wants us to send our military to and risk their lives for…

iPhone : "This Is All Wrong" Greta Thunberg Tells World Leaders At UN Climate Session
"Entire ecosystems are collapsing due to Climate Change"
Citing more than 30 years of scientific research
She's trying to convince politicians to take action...

iPhone : #Explosive! A Young Man Set To Attend Western Michigan University Was Beheaded In Saudi Arabia…

iPhone : Dear America,

Reports are circulating that POTUS will give a “historic” speech on religion.

A reminder from me that Trump is a fraud: he has never read the book he claims is the greatest ever written. Instead, like an adept con man, he knows what his marks want to hear.…

iPhone : Rep. Jim Jordan Is Named in New OSU Sexual Abuse Scandal Lawsuit – Rolling Stone…

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iPhone : A passenger boarding the @United plane I’m on just stopped in front of me, punched my shoulder, and said “you all better get your act together and impeach him.”

iPhone : Last night Trump tweeted out a story (?) that said he never pressured Ukraine on the “nice” call. This morning, he admits to pressuring Ukraine on the call.

iPhone : Trump's primary political survival tactic is shamelessness.

If Trump hung his head after every scandal, I think we’d see larger shifts in his approval rating.

Instead, he brazenly admits to wrongdoing, crimes, & depraved behavior with a cocky grin and his base believes it's ok.