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Twitter Web Client : The Zionist enterprises brought jobs, development, and capital to an area practically abandoned for 500 years. Here is a photo of Jews and Arabs packing fruit together in Rehovot, Israel circa 1935.

Imagine what could have been if the Arabs had accepted peace & partition?

Twitter for iPad : Claire Voltaire Now tell that person who called you an apologist for child abuse that they used a straw man so they could tell you “you don’t know what straw man is you apologist for child abuse.”

Twitter for iPad : Claire Voltaire Don’t feel bad. When I use the term gaslighting I get 40 replies from people telling me I’m using it wrong who have no idea what it means. Come to think of it, any time I use a word with more than 2 syllables it happens.

Twitter Web Client : If the Palestinians start an Intifada because the United States offered them $6 billion in funds to improve the Palestinian infrastructure, employment, and standard of living, I guarantee that not so far left will blame Trump, Israel, Jews & everyone else except the Palestinians.…

Twitter Web Client : The BDS campaign is anti-peace. Urge your members of Congress to oppose it.

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Twitter Web Client : Ive made a donation to Raices, The Refugee & Immigrant Center for Education & Legal Services. Maybe now those on the left can stop calling me an extremist & other horrible things, & I can go back to fighting their Holocaust revision. Its probably more than theyve ever done.

Twitter Web Client : This is for the people that say Nazi concentration camps did not start as bad as they were and evolved. Same could happen on the Southern border.

This is about Dachau in 1933, the year it opened. 9 prisoners shot to death by guards. Non-Jewish prisoners released, not Jews.

Twitter Web Client : Article about camps in the Soviet Union from 1953. The people are enslaved, starved, executed, forced to work 10 hours a day. Its referred to as a Russian camp, a prison camp, and labor camp. Not once does it mention concentration camp.

Twitter Web Client : This is from 1946 just after the end of the war. Reports of mass executions at Mauthausen Concentration Camp and that officers of the camps were instructing guards to kill all the prisoners as the Allies were approaching.

Is that happening?