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Bio The Alliance to Mobilize Our Resistance is a coalition of grassroots organizations building a community resistance network in RI #FightWithAMOR
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iPhone : A message from AMOR RI, the immigrant rights organizers who are leading the fight to #CloseTheWyatt and will be marching w/ us on Tuesday:

“We will keep resisting the Wyatt Detention Center until the contract with ICE is ended, and when this entire facility is shut down.

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iPhone : Help support a Providence community member who is stuck in Guatemala. He has been separated from his family since September.…

iPhone : One of FANG’s co-founders, Sherrie, is going on trial on January 7th and 8th in Bristol County. We are bringing our full support, and we’d like your help.

You can donate to our #ShutDownICE campaign here:

Twitter Web App : Choose AMOR this #GivingTuesday

GIVE A DONATION TO AM❤️R, an organization that builds community power in RI. Your gift helps us support one more family unjustly targeted by ICE. Can we count on you?

#StopDeportations #AbolishIce #keepfamiliestogether #ShutDownICE #ShutDownWyatt

iPhone : Can we raise $710 for a new mother in our community to appeal her recently denied asylum?…

Twitter Web App : Local residents successfully got the Wyatt prison to end their contract with ICE. But then Invesco US sued to force the Wyatt to keep working with ICE. #ThanksgivingHalf #ShutDownWyatt #DivesTheWyatt #AbolishICE

Twitter Web App : Today Invesco US is sponsoring the “#Thanksgivinghalf” marathon in Atlanta. #Invesco doesn’t want you to know that they are the top investor in a private prison and ICE detention center in RI. #ShutDownWyatt #DivestTheWyatt

iPhone : The biggest investor in the Wyatt Detention Center, Invesco US, is sponsoring the #ThanksgivingHalf in Atlanta, as the company continues to run away from their ethical responsibility

iPhone : We are raising funds to support Jose Antonio, an asylum seeker detained for more than 6 months at the Wyatt Detention Facility in Central Falls, RI. His bond has been set at $7,500. He can be released next week if he can post a bond this week.…

iPhone : Wyatt bondholder @LeggMason claims to support community well-being, but profits off family separation. Which side are you really on? #DumpTheWyatt

HQ: 877-534-4627

iPhone : The CEO of @BlackRock, Larry Fink, has stated that CEOs should be mindful of social responsibility beyond short-term gains. Ironic considering the company’s investment in the Wyatt, a prison with an ICE contract. Practice what you preach and #DumpTheWyatt

HQ: 877-275-1255

iPhone : Hey Crédit Agricole, your website claims that you “do not tolerate any form of modern slavery or human trafficking.” How do you justify holding bonds in the Wyatt Detention Center? Prisons are modern slavery, and you need to #DumpTheWyatt.

Call 212-582-0743

iPhone : Last week, executives at Eaton Vance refused to talk to us in-person about their investment in the Wyatt Detention Center. Call them today to make them listen. #DumpTheWyatt

HQ: 617-482-8260

iPhone : On their website, T. Rowe Price says their “emphasis is on...partnering with communities to understand their needs and make them stronger.” They clearly do not understand the needs of Rhode Island: to #DumpTheWyatt

HQ: 410-345-2000

iPhone : The bondholder with the largest investment in the Wyatt is Invesco US. On their website they say they “encourage the companies we invest in to be good corporate citizens.” Does a prison working with ICE count?

Call Investor Relations Director Aimee Partin at 404-724-4248.