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Bio U.S. Senator from Minnesota and candidate for President. Text AMY to 91990 to join our homegrown campaign.
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iPhone : Just more proof as to why the Republican/Trump tax bill was a windfall for the wealthy and why it will be such a big issue in the election: U.S. billionaires paid lower tax rate than working class last year, researchers say.

iPhone : Stop #2 on this Swing State Swing — thank you for the warm welcome, Cleveland! And a special thanks to State Rep Juanita Brent for introducing me. Ohio is going to be critical for us to win back the White House in 2020. Let’s win here and let’s win big!

Twitter Web App : Wonderful time here in Toledo, Ohio on the first stop of my Swing State Swing! Thank you to Rep Marcy Kaptur for introducing me and to all my grassroots supporters and organizers (people and pups alike) — we’re building a winning campaign throughout the country because of you!

Twitter Media Studio : People say I need a viral moment to win this thing. So I thought I’d go on @BillMaher the same night as Howard Stern. Here’s the interview:

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iPhone : I think Americans dont want the loudest voice in the room anymore – theyve got that in the White House. I think they want someone that is tired of the noise and nonsense and wants to get things done. – Sen. @AmyKlobuchar #RealTime

Twitter Web App : I went on TheBeat w/Ari Melber and shared what my experience as a prosecutor tells me: that the information we have on Donald Trump’s corrupt dealings with foreign leaders is just the beginning. We need more good people to come forward — this is about the future of our democracy.

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Twitter Web App : Court-ordered. At some point the President needs to listen to that old Clash song: “I fought the law and the law won.”…

Twitter Web App : Five, four, three, two, one. As I said at the Human Rights Campaign and CNN #EqualityForum, every vote counts. And when we take back the Senate and win the White House, we’ll pass the Equality Act the next day.

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iPhone : Social media platforms need truth standard for paid ads just like TV&radio& newspapers. And we should pass my Honest Ads Act to require them to tell us what the ad is & who paid: Facebook lets politicians lie in ads, leaving Dems fearing what Trump will do…

iPhone : A young man who survived the discredited practice of conversion therapy asked Sen. Amy Klobuchar if she would work to stop it.

Yes, Klobuchar said, pledging to support federal, state and local measures to end the practice. #EqualityTownHall

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Twitter Web App : The President just attacked Somali Americans in his rally in Minnesota. Immigrants and refugees have helped make our state a wonderful place to live and work — which is far more than this President has done. Stop using immigrants and refugees as political pawns!

Twitter Web App : Donald Trump just said that Minnesota will vote for him in 2020 — I won’t let that happen. You can join me in stopping him by contributing to my grassroots campaign:

Twitter Web App : Today’s #MentalHealthDay and it’s an important reminder that we need to do more to support the one in five Americans who experience a mental health condition sometime in their lives. I’ve made mental health a priority for my administration. Here's my plan:…

Twitter Web App : Donald Trump is bringing his hateful rhetoric to my home state of Minnesota today.

Join me in signing this petition to make it clear: in 2020, we’re going to beat him in Minnesota, in the Heartland and all over America.…

iPhone : Please go back to “Mar-a-Lago.”

At least you can pronounce that.

Just another reason I can take this guy in the midwest.…

iPhone : Criminal arrests on campaign finance charges of two Giuliani associates big deal and what I’ve been saying all along. Now the question of Justice Department is this: why is what the President did not worse.