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Android : Documents leaked by Zach Vorhies. Interesting twist, it appears from this tweet that he was present when the YouTube shooting happened.…

Android : Startups: Remote teams are too hard.

Also Startups: Let's build our entire business on open source libraries made by people in different parts of the globe collaborating without ever meeting in person.

Android : "Coding is hard" will discourage some people from attempting it.

"Coding is easy" will discourage some people who are attempting it and finding it challenging.

Alternative: Learning to code is a neverending journey with a set of challenges and delights unique to each person.

Android : I'm neither the sharpest tool in the shed nor the strongest and that speaks volumes about the men who team up on little ol' me or talk shmack 😉. I'm also rarely ever the aggressor. Haters I can see you and I know you'll see this somehow.

Android : I can't imagine many people doing a job they enjoy and thinking, let me do the worst piece of work I can do. If the work comes out crap, there's another underlying reason.

Android : .@ChanceTheRapper Donates $1M To Chicago Public Schools After Unsuccessful Meeting With Illinois Governor

Android : If you're clowning on the Mandela Effect you don't know what it is and if you do you're right it's not real so ignore it #MandelaEffect

Twitter Web Client : @skype as a PAYING customer for YEARS -> you take away existing features & charge premium for it? Charge a NEW customer or add new features!