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iPhone : Me pretending to celebrate the end of exams even though I still have Further Maths #GCSEs2019 #alevels2019 #edexcelfurthermaths #aqafurthermaths

iPhone : Me revising for A Levels this summer because olders led me into believing they will be a living hell #GCSEs2019

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iPhone : Triple students tomorrow when they see combined students are being released from prison 30 minutes earlier than them: #GCSEs2019 #AQAPhysics

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iPhone : Watching ‘Physics Paper 2 in 47 minutes’:
*remembering forces, waves and magnetism* : ❌
*remembering that when Primrose Kitten was born she was put straight into the car* : ✅ #GCSEs2019

iPhone : I seem to think my summer has started; I don’t know if I’ll be able to sit still in physics on friday😩 #GCSEs2019

iPhone : RT to get a 9 in your exams. #gcsemaths #edexcelmaths #GCSEs2019

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iPhone : can’t even read a book peacefully without stopping to analyse language, safe to say #GCSEs2019 #aqaenglish has changed me 😔

iPhone : Everyone trying to figure out who at edexcel decided to change the blessings that Bearings is into a grade 9 question xxxxx #GCSEs2019 #edexcelmaths

iPhone : Me turning the page to see more questions I can’t answer #GCSEs2019

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