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Bio exams are killing me | my gcse memes are kinda cool
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iPhone : not being funny but the anthology poem is gonna end up being the unseen poem if i don’t start revising #gcses2019

iPhone : my English Lang grade is defo going to have to make up for my lit grade bcosss #gcses2019 #aqaenglishlit

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iPhone : if you started revising at the start of y11 there’s no excuse for you to NOT get all 8/9s #gcses2019

iPhone : pisses me offfff when someone says rs is easy xxxx #gcses2019

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iPhone : jess 🌿 no but in comparisons i got taught to compare a theme present in both poems i was writing about e.g. power of humans or identity x

iPhone : catholic’s to absolutely ANYTHING:
#gcses2019 #gcsers

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iPhone : why is the fact that maths is going to be excruciatingly hard this year not scaring me... #GCSEs2019