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iPhone : It’s Peter Cushing’s birthday. His long friendship with Christopher Lee began on The Curse Of Frankenstein when Lee stormed into Cushing’s dressing room saying ‘I haven’t got any lines!’ & Cushing replied ‘You’re lucky. I’ve read the script.’

iPhone : DeeMacGee Same here! It’s beautifully observed throughout. He is a great character in that he has a quiet dignity and doesn’t ever allow himself to be totally humiliated by bully, perverted teacher or loved one. He endures. Good message for the bullied in life.

iPhone : The Thin Man is 84. Nick & Nora Charles are my favourite married screen couple.
It got me into screwball comedies & Dashiell Hammett, who I soon realised didn’t write screwball comedies.
Here’s Nora assaulting Nick with a panda.

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iPhone : Stages of an indie band, what am I missing?
- Good album
- Popular album
- Singer goes out with posh person
- Darker, more American album no-one really likes
- Singer’s side-project
- Drummer gets involved with local Labour party
- Singer grows a beard and sings with an orchestra