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iPhone : 3 din Iqra Aziz ki mangni discuss ki. 4 din Hamza Ali Abbasi ki shaadi discuss ho gi.

Once we're done with that, we'll start putting deep woke statuses here about how not to be judgemental and interfere in other people's lives.

iPhone : Same commander captured Abhinandan then same commander tortured him & finally India has killed same commander on LOC, yeh kaunsa superman ki ulaad hai hamari army mai jo har jagha pahunch jata hai twitter.com/timesnow/statu…

iPhone : Pakistanis are uncivilized people. Government should start imposing heavy fines on people who throw trash on roads or beaches or anywhere they like. Pakistani people have hurt Pakistan more than the enemies. Its high time this nation needs to be a civilized one. twitter.com/ashaqeens/stat…

iPhone : Pictures of Hawksbay Karachi i took today, this used to be a very clean place not too long ago. Need a complete ban on plastic bags all over Pakistan before we destroy everything #LetsCleanKHI

iPhone : Ray Bhai aisa hi kartay hai bus apna ullu sedha hojaye baqi ko pareeshani hoti hai tou honay dou, ghatiya mentality hai

iPhone : Har saal ka phadda hai, meray parosi k ghar qurbani nahi hoti lekin aik uncle hai jinka ghar middle of the street mai hai, woh unkay ghar k samnay footpath pay qurbani kartay hai. Eid say pehlay sab k ghar community walun nay letter bhi diye thay lekin baaz nahi atay khabees

iPhone : Soraya Yes & i am not even talking about katchi abadis, this is happening in posh areas & EDUCATED people are doing this, lanat hai yaar

iPhone : This week i have realised Sindh government tou kanjar aur beghairat hai hi lekin Karachi k loug bhi suar hai, koi Qurbani dosray k ghar k samnay karta hai takay apna area ganda na ho, koi ojri aur cow dung kisi k ghar k agay phenk deta hai, maybe we all deserve incompetent PPP

iPhone : Mohamed Rafiq, a 65 year- old disarmed a heavily armed 21 year-old who begun shooting in a Mosque in Norway WITH HIS BARE HANDS

Your stereotypical terrorist (Brown, turban, long beard, Muslim man) is actually your HERO.

REMEMBER THIS next time you stereotype

Dont Stereotype.

iPhone : Look who is here again! Though not featured by ANI this year, the same ‘Muslim women’ have made it to the media via a different news agency. Thread 👇1/n

iPhone : Qurbani should NEVER be allowed on road, ya tou apnay car garage/porch mai karein & if you don’t have one then do it in a meat shop or government announced area BUT NEVER ON ROAD which can lead to epidemic breakout. twitter.com/alihzaidipti/s…

iPhone : Karachi is an urban disaster. It houses the population of a small country with no public transport system, no efforts at natural preservation, no public housing facility. Even the most reliable ambulance service isn't run by the state.

iPhone : 3 guys around my age were electrocuted to death from my apartments, today. All 3 of them were from the same building and were best friends. Kya Eid kya khushi lol it’s literally hell for their families and honestly for everyone here who knew them personally.