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Bio President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Personal tweets from Dr. Ashraf Ghani are signed - AG.
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iPhone : We call on the leadership of the Taliban to welcome the wishes of Afghans for a long lasting and real peace, and we urge them to get ready for peace-talks based on Islamic values and principles.

iPhone : ....we announce a ceasefire that would take effect from tomorrow, Monday, the day of Arafa, till the day of the birth of the prophet (PBUH) i.e., Milad-un-Nabi, provided that the Taliban reciprocate.

iPhone : ... and to respect the wishes of the religious scholars of the Islamic world that were gathered in the holy mosques and to respect the wishes of the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) and the custodians of the two-holy mosques, the King of Saudi Arabia,

iPhone : As we approach Eid-ul-Adha, and to respect the wishes of different segments of Afghan society including religious scholars, political parties, politicians, women and civil society leaders, youth and members of high peace council in all 34 provinces,

iPhone : Earlier this morning I arrived in #Ghazni to assess the security situation in the province. During this visit, besides offering fateha prayers for the Ghazni martyrs, I met separately with the people, civilian and military officials of this province. #Afghanistan

iPhone : صبح امروز برای بازدید و بررسی وضعیت امنیتی ولایت غزنی، به آن ولایت رسیدم. در جریان این سفر ضمن اشتراک در مراسم ختم قرآن عظیم الشان و فاتحه به روح شهدای غزنی، با مسئولان امنیتی و دفاعی و مردم آن ولایت دیدار خواهم داشت.

iPhone : د دښمن د يرغل پر وړاندې مې د امنيتي او دفاعي ځواکونو سرښندنې وستايلې او د دغه معلوماتو په رڼا کې مې غزني ولايت ته د لازياتو حمایوي ځواکونو د لېږلو پرېکړه وکړه چې ډېر ژر به دغه ولايت ته ورسېږي.

iPhone : څو شېبې مخکې مې د اعلی سرقومندانۍ په بيړنۍ غونډه کې د غزني له والي، د تندر قول اردو له قومندان، د غزني له امنيه قومندان او د ملي امنیت له رئیس سره تفصيلي خبرې وکړې او د دغه ولايت او د  غزني ښار د نظامي او بشري وضعیت په هکله مې د دوی صادقانه او تفصيلي معلومات واورېدل.

iPhone : After detailed review of the reports, the meeting decided that in order to consolidate operational gains, further reinforcements should be dispatched to the province on urgent basis.

iPhone : Tonight I chaired the Commander in Chief’s emergency meeting to take stock of the situation in Ghazni Province. In the meeting I spoke with the Provincial Governor, Commander of 203rd Thunder Corps, and Provincial Police and NDS Chiefs.

iPhone : As part of my continuous consultations with major political parties and jihadi leaders, this week I had the opportunity to take them into confidence about peace process, upcoming elections and other issues of national importance. #Afghanistan

iPhone : I just spoke to Imran Khan and congratulated him on the victory in parliamentary elections. We both agreed to overcome the past and to lay a new foundation for a prosperous political, social and economic future of both countries #Afghanistan and #Pakistan.

iPhone : People of #Afghanistan will judge our progress vis-a-vis peace and elections, and their judgement will be lessons learned for all of us.

iPhone : In order to achieve the mentioned objectives and broaden the political spectrum, we need strategic patience, inclusive perspective, positive competition, and a level playing field.

iPhone : The government therefore gives utmost importance to achieving consensus between the government and political parties and strongly believes that constructive ideas and proposals by these groups can help the government and the people to achieve critical national objectives.

iPhone : During these consultations it has always been highlighted that coalitions and issue-based political alliances can help shape and implement important national programs.