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iPhone : Results of #EmmettTill piece: raised around $10K for Emmett Tills Memory Lives since Saturday night; showed that there are cameras and alarms at site now; raised more awareness about young Emmett; and public helped figure out who was there (below) with, apparently, one more to go. #impact…

iPhone : For a decade, I've heard about millennials being "lazy," "entitled," "snowflakes," "easily offended," "too sensitive," eating avocado toast, and wanting the world to be a "safe space."

And I shrugged, because I knew it wasn't about me.

If "ok boomer" isn't about you, shrug.

iPhone : Here's a thread on a dirty little secret: Most evangelicals and protestants didn't care all much all that much when the Supreme Court ruled in Roe v. Wade in 1973.…

iPhone : Here's my thread on how hot sauce oddly explains sexism in politics, Hillary Clinton, and the 2016 election. People keep pulling this one up and sharing it with people to dispel myths.…

iPhone : cricket green Yeah, extra productivity saved from not constantly trying to figure out which search terms to use to hunt for my own old threads to link people to rather than repeating the same information ad infinitum.

iPhone : First, whenever someone says "the Democrats were the party of slavery/the KKK/segregation," I just share this thread with them.…