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Twitter Web App : I once briefly played cricket in the Lovell Telescope 📡. It's a bit steeper than Parkes so bowling wasn't so easy.

Twitter Web App : Decided to spend the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing watching The Dish.

Twitter Web App : Oliver Peace Tom Forth Seems like the same tickets are available once I've gone through everything. Almost looks like they've packaged up a website. Perhaps it is to make things easier for the developers (one thing deployed across Web and machine).

Twitter Web App : Are UK university lectures still about a micro-century long?

Twitter Web App : Northern It seems more like something aimed at advance purchase as it has a basket mechanism too. I'd use a website for that. I'm using a ticket machine because I need a ticket quickly and there isn't a person to buy from.

Twitter Web App : Northern The new version prompts me to make seat reservations as part of its flow. After I've told it I want to travel now on a service that doesn't have seat reservations. Smh.

Twitter Web App : I'm sad that the Northern ticket machine at my local station has updated to the new UI. It took 21 clicks through a more complicated interface just to get my usual return.

Twitter Web App : Ian Bank of England "Special treatment". Cracking Enigma during WWII and inventing the modern computer (an invention necessary for you to be able to tweet this) is not enough to be on a bank note for a bit?

Twitter Web Client : Jon Gale Dear Jon, although it may originate from tangere, it has a variety of definitions/uses that dont require touch. If that is your issue.………

Twitter Web App : I've been expecting a bad "trade deal" with Trump since six months before the 2016 Referendum. Given how the various actors would play their parts.

I got the Brexit timings wrong and was wrong about the global crash. Being wrong about those has given me hope to cling to.

Twitter Web App : Apologies for our recent radio silence - life has got in the way of us managing to get together and record an episode! We hope to be back with you soon but in the meantime you can hear Dr Jen Gupta co-host this new BBC Radio 4 show starting tonight!…

Twitter Web Client : It'd be amazing if council spending data and business rates data also included charity/company numbers (where known).…