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Android : LOVE SAUSAGE🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 I read an account of some conflict long ago where one party hired a fuckton of Scot mercenaries to siege a castle. All went well, beseiged party surrendered. During negotiations one commander remarked that they were surrendering to "men in dresses". All hell broke loose.

Twitter Web Client : 🦇Ansgar Odinson🦇 Welcome to my wold motherfucker. Sleep is your only friend now. Everything else makes your head hurt and is therefore bad!

Also, try getting Growly to massage your temples. That actually surprisingly works if you get someone else to do it and they do it right.

Twitter Web Client : Okay, got done with the shit I needed to do. Gonna go to Walmart now and get my shopping done and see if they have a soil sieve. If not I check the Home Depot across the way. If THEY don't have one... I MAKE ONE!

Android : Nope, not patient enough. I need to go shopping anyway, so I might as well hit up the gardening section while I'm at it, see what they got.

Twitter Web Client : Now I need to decide if I'm patient enough to order one to be shipped to me, or if I should run out to the Walmart and Home Depot to see if they have them. I really do want to get this tank ready soon before all the honeypot alates the GAN farmer in OC has are gone.

Twitter Web Client : I need to build a concept terrarium before I actually decide to plunk money down on a colony starter. I'm definitely thinking honeypot ants. Thus I need to get a soil sieve to ensure a nice, smooth, rock-free medium for digging.

Twitter Web Client : Theyre actually quite cute the way they carry their egg sacs around in their mouths. Gives them a sort of derpy quality. Its also kind of endearing how motherly they are.

Twitter Web Client : This is a cellar spider, also known as a Daddy Long Legs Spider. This one, specifically, is an expectant mother carrying her egg cluster. When the spiderlings hatch theyll scurry onto moms body and cling there until they feel confident to strike out solo.