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iPhone : Also Happy 4 year Anniversary EMOTION. I remember how much I ached over the details of you. So glad for what you taught me. And the adventures you have given my life since. ❤️

iPhone : I didn’t deserve to be born,
to eat with a mouth, walk on two feet
and carry inside me twenty-five feet of guts
—Adelia Prado, The Third Way

iPhone : The best way to learn is drawing, even if you're no Da Vinci

iPhone : I'm always proud to work at NYT Magazine & to be a colleague of Ida Bae Wells, but never more than now. The #1619Project isn't just a magazine—it's a textbook, in the best sense: lifetimes of research, powerfully distilled into public narrative. Please read:…

iPhone : “American freedom became broadly defined as the opposite of bondage. It was a freedom that understood what it was against but not what it was for; a malnourished and mean kind of freedom that kept you out of chains but did not provide bread or shelter.”…

iPhone : From the Frank O'Hara letters: “The Time guy said, ‘Now Mr. O’Hara, do you really think anything particularly interesting has happened recently in American poetry?’ and I said without thinking, ‘Sure, otherwise you wouldn’t be buying me these drinks.’”

iPhone : Buster Keaton's THE GENERAL is on @TCM at 10 p.m. ET for #SummerUnderTheStars.

In the words of Orson Welles, "It’s a hundred times more stunning visually than GONE WITH THE WIND."