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iPhone : Toni Morrison was a national treasure, as good a storyteller, as captivating, in person as she was on the page. Her writing was a beautiful, meaningful challenge to our conscience and our moral imagination. What a gift to breathe the same air as her, if only for a while.

Buffer : Viktor Frankl, who lived through the worst of humanity, on humor as a lifeline to sanity and survival…

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I break things. That’s how my curiosity works.

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Twitter Web App : Bernadette Rabuy hey Bernadette, I’m working on a short NYT piece and would love to ask you a couple questions, possible? Email me at asap? Thanks!

iPhone : Opening this Saturday; Reception on 9/6! I curated a text-based art exhibition with a sexy name: Look Both Ways: The Illicit Liaison Between Image and Information.…

Twitter Web App : It was a pleasant surprise at return from holidays to find a box with 10 copies of the 2nd Edition of #clinicalpredictionmodels! Despite efforts to be concise, the updated book is substantially more voluminous than the first edition.

Twitter Web App : michael cunningham did not have to go this hard when he wrote the hours but i am so glad he did

iPhone : White people wiped entire civilizations and cultures off the planet for spices and Americans still dont know what a bay leaf is…

Twitter Web App : rsmallbone Welcome to The Jungle
we got fun and games
we got everything you want
if its fun and/or games

Welcome the The Jungle
the naming was a bungle
its really more a toy store
we probably shoulda thought more

Welcome to the Jungle…

Twitter Web App : Only 3 days left to back my comic!! Magical girls and aliens!! Go, GO NOW YOU FOOLS

Twitter for iPad : “Quietly serving as a Petri dish for rapidly multiplying insecurities risks killing the relationship.”…

Twitter Web App : Matthew Cassinelli Wintertime could shift the entire rhythm 1-2 hours later *possibly* but generally speaking it just is what it is. And it doesnt change if you get up early, or sleep late. Golden hours remain the same. : )

Twitter Web App : Todays new music recommendation: Leo Brouwer: Guitar Sonatas, contemporary classical music for the guitar by one of our leading Cuban composers, performed by Ricardo Gallén. Heres a video on how the album was made:…

iPhone : “Scott demonstrates the skill and long-range vision of a writer we need right now. The World Doesn’t Require You requires a commitment from readers, one that will be greatly repaid in literary satisfaction.”…

Twitter Web App : Quite a few faves in this list, including TRUMAN by Jean Reidy, who will be here for storytime & treats Saturday at 10:30 AM:…

Twitter Web Client : Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood ignores it. Mindhunter muddles it. Why cant pop culture seem to admit that Charles Manson was a white supremacist?

From TV critic Lorraine Ali:…

Twitter Web App : Caroline Casey I often say we have a lot of nieces & nephews (which is true), but I want a better one, that doesnt hint at a tone of apology. Will think about it!

iPhone : revealing -- not surprising, revealing -- how deeply & instantly offended certain people become at the suggestion that slavery is the foundational plot point and economic/societal element of American history and its enduring influence requires probing, analysis and education

Twitter Web Client : Weeks of paid maternity leave:

🇧🇬 59
🇬🇷 43
🇬🇧 39
🇭🇷 30
🇸🇰 34
🇨🇿 28
🇮🇪 26
🇮🇹 22
🇱🇺 20
🇵🇱 20
🇪🇪 20
🇦🇺 18
🇲🇹 18
🇷🇴 18
🇨🇱 18
🇱🇹 18
🇳🇿 18
🇩🇰 18
🇫🇮 18
🇫🇷 16
🇦🇹 16
🇨🇦 16
🇪🇸 16
🇱🇻 16
🇳🇱 16
🇹🇷 16
🇸🇮 15
🇧🇪 15
🇮🇱 15
🇩🇪 14
🇨🇭 14
🇯🇵 14
🇮🇸 13
🇳🇴 13
🇸🇪 13
🇰🇷 13
🇲🇽 12
🇵🇹 6
🇺🇸 0

Twitter Web App : Forever grateful to Hot Girl Summer, since it helped me come to terms with what is and probably always will be my favorite genre, Sad Alto Autumn…

Twitter Web Client : At so/too many points in LA history, it was black Angelenos who fought to tear down the racist laws and policies that made public spaces and neighborhoods only available to whites. Heres the story of one of those people: Betty Hill.…

Twitter Web App : Senator John Cornyn The massive global impact of climate change on future generations is nothing to make lame jokes about. Progressives are rightly furious at your intransigence.

YoruFukurou : A lovely ode to Microsoft Encarta, which has seen its sunset but is still being used all over the world…

Twitter Web App : Danya Glabau Wow, nothing like trying to reverse-engineer an ever-changing algorithm in order to protect your mental health from trolls and abuse. As ever, any sufficiently *crappy* technology is *also* indistinguishable from magic.

iPhone : In Ohio, we remember.

“I was looking at some of those big, once-incredible job-producing factories...Those jobs have left Ohio. Theyre all coming back. Theyre all coming back. Dont move. Dont sell your house.

President Donald Trump
Youngstown, Ohio
July 25, 2017…

Twitter Web App : Lately at the dog run the doggos just sit around and we all get bitten by mosquitoes, so we’ve taken to a nightly romp on the trails (and strict tick protocols). Queens, y’all.

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Sprout Social : Today at 7 p.m. when Antiques Roadshow is in Fort Worth: A Felipe Orlando abstract oil circa 1980, a German baroque lockbox circa 1625, and Green Bay Packers championship group, circa 1965.

iPhone : Going through old research notes today and discovered a notebook full of choice remarks copied out from Frank O’Hara’s letters in the archives at University of Connecticut, Storrs. A thread of some of my favorites:

Twitter Web App : Ill be part of a FREE Master Pancake event, poking fun at the movie The Martian this Thursday at the Central Library. Thats right, loud jokes at a library. Your tax dollars at work. Its free but you have to RSVP through eventbrite here:…

iPhone : I’m a day late to diving in, but the that the ridiculously important #1619Project and a huge piece on my ridiculous guilty pleasure (#90DayFiance) came in the same blue baggie affirms why I pay to have the The New York Times dropped on my driveway daily.

Twitter Web App : Rhonda Garelick, writing for The Cut:

Neither the president nor Melania so much as glances at Baby Paul. Oblivious (as ever) to the solemnity of their occasion, they smile broadly, matching veneers on full beam.…

Twitter Web App : Lingard has one Premier League assist and 0 goals in 2019. And yet will start every game. Man Utd are crying out for a midfielder like Bruno Fernandes and expected everything to be fine without bringing in anyone at all. Itll cost them again this season.

Android : Pancho, a registered nurse from Voices from the Border volunteers brief checkups with migrant families waiting to seek asylum in Nogales Mexico. #MigrantJourney

iPhone : Maybe its not my job to invent something new. Maybe instead its my job to listen to what the universe is showing me & to keep myself open to what the universe offers, so that when its my turn, I can hold something to the light, just for a moment, just for as long as I have.…

iPhone : The hero becomes the fugitive. Watch the new trailer for #AngelHasFallen now - In theaters August 23.

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Android : I wouldnt even notice if a dementor stepped onto the train at Mallow train station because the station itself would already have sucked all happiness and hope from my body