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iPhone : Imagine being a woman who actively participates in her oww oppression

iPhone : Friend - oh you’ve been working out!
Me - yes you’ve noticed!
Friend - yeah I can see your callouses on your hands
Me - 😑

iPhone : Is there such thing as seasonal hunger? Because I’m always much hungrier in winter. If I was a bear that would be acceptable but my pants say I need to chill out With my food in winter

iPhone : M..Skinner Yes but narcissists do perceive other humans as threats as they have a fragile self esteem. They may be oblivious to other people’s feelings but that’s pretty detrimental too.

iPhone : M..Skinner Perceived less stress and easy going life doesn’t mean contentment. A narcissist has a false sense of self. Connection is a number one factor in mental health well being and generally narcissist have little connection to others or self.

iPhone : my new self-care is watching competitive Tetris, why arent more people talking about this

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iPhone : I don’t understand these people who make three separate plans with three separate people in one day. Like maaaaybe after I’ve cleaned my house, washed my clothes, bought groceries for the week and watched Netflix will I go out for an hour.