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Bio Riding the #bluewave because sitting on the sidelines watching our country crumble isn’t working #theresistance #fbrparty
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iPhone : Barack Obama led a moral life, married & raised a beautiful family with his college sweetheart, excelled academically & professionally & played by the rules to be elected POTUS.

Donald Trump is a reminder that white men never have 2 play by the rules they make for everyone else.

iPhone : Donald Trump: “Getting along with Putin would be a good thing, not a bad thing.”

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: “Getting along with Adolf Hitler would be a good thing, not a bad thing.”

Barack Obama: “Getting along with Osama bin Laden would be a good thing, not a bad thing.”

iPhone : Getting more & more ridiculous

Sobey’s grocery store in Canada
•White man accuses Black man of being an illegal alien—physically blocks him from leaving store
•White man calls cops & taunts Black man w/deportation

POC & White Allies: Record Everything

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iPhone : Being poor now just leads to being more poor later. Can't pay to clean your teeth? Next year, pay for a root canal. Can't pay for a new mattress? Next year, pay for back surgery. Can't pay to get that lump checked out? Next year, pay for stage 3 cancer. Poverty charges interest.

iPhone : How fucked up is our country that we now expect people to give up their already paltry vacation time to make up for our lack of decent maternity leave, and somehow paint it as "trendy"?



AND DECENT VACATION TIME twitter.com/GMA/status/101…

iPhone : corn dogs, hot dogs, popsicles, ice cream cones...there are a million delicious phallic foods that you homophobes are gonna miss out on because you're insecure losers. More for the rest of us with f cking sense. twitter.com/thatgrapejuice…

iPhone : The bodies of 95 African Americans were found on a construction site in Texas.

Experts now think they had been enslaved...well after the end of the Civil War - some as late as 1910 - and then worked to death.

Sold by prisons.


iPhone : Hey, remember when Kellyanne Conway accused Obama of bugging the White House microwave oven? Of course you don’t, because eighteen hundred thousand equally batshit insane things have happened since then.

iPhone : RETWEET if you want Congress to subpoena Marina Gross (far left), the interpreter for the Trump-Putin meeting in Helsinki and the only witness to the very important agreements Trump made with Americas enemy—which agreements Trump refuses to reveal even to White House staff.

iPhone : I'm confused by people on the left who think the situation with Russia is a side issue or a distraction. The Trump-Putin alliance is part of the global white supremacist fascist movement