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iPhone : omg #Megatron feat Chloe Bennet

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iPhone : I can kick her ass. 👊

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Twitter Web Client : Aye! Somebody tell Mrs. Nas Maraj we waiting on her come back💀

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Twitter Web Client : He becomes famous and befriends Cardi B (not even gonna go into her Bill Cosby ass) after being a barb and dragging her through the mud especially when she threw that shoe at fashion week (recipets coming) anyone who watched the performance can see that shit seemed forced asf

Twitter Web Client : A lot of you keep saying “why do the barbz care so much” well for one, we were his first big supporters.. that number one song y’all are all bopping to was helped brought from under the rug because of us.. so how you gonna deny being apart of our fandom?? Boy bye

Twitter Web Client : Like I said it’s the 21rst century and recipets exist🥴

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Twitter Web Client : I’m screaming, he has the nerve to lie while there’s a Nicki picture in the background.. WHEW, literally look at him tryna act like he don’t know what’s going on, looking uncomfortable asf smh😩

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Twitter Web Client : You don’t have to “speak on your past” at all (even though y’all think he’s so real and innocent so why is speaking on your past a problem 🌚) but my thing is don’t deny it & don’t turn around and shit on a woman (@nickiminaj) who you loved and looked up to for years

Twitter Web Client : LilNas:

-Pretends to be straight to keep his fame going
-Has made islamaphobic remarks
-Got famous and denied ever being a barb & even liked a comment calling nicki trash
-Performed with Cardi B after dragging her on Twitter when he was a stan