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Bio Only have twitter for the gcse memes ngl
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iPhone : me typing 29 - 27 into my calculator just to be safe #gcsegeography #aqageography

iPhone : The worst pain is when ur eating chocolate and ur dog comes up to wanting some, and u can’t tell him it’ll hurt him so u just sit there eating whilst he looks sad
#ouch #dogs #dog

iPhone : #EdexcelMaths gonna be using my answers on next years paper as a ‘This person is wrong, explain why’ question. #mathsgcse #gcsemaths #mathsedexcel

iPhone : Getting ready to watch dodie on Sunday brunch whilst still in bed. Great start to the morning

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Twitter Web App : #aqacombinedbiology #aqabiology #gcsebiology
Test was fine but who at aqa wrote that 6 marker on starving children.
I finished 20 minutes early and had my heart in my stomach at the idea of a hungry child finally finding some good food only to be killed by it