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Twitter for iPad : april knowles Adam Cifu It is a short, gorgeous book. "Perfect at the level of the sentence," as one reviewer said. You don't want it in 20th-century slang, but you do want the 20th century Peaver/Volokhonsky translation.

Twitter for iPad : John Mandrola, MD Why didn't Pomeranz, their pediatrician, who KNEW both parents because he'd helped train them as doctors, ACT like one instead of like an autopilot servant of the state?

The gatekeeper instead became an usher to hell.

This didn't have to go this way.

Where is the sense?

Twitter for iPad : The expert on twitter who confines their pontification to the subject for which they have expertise....

Twitter for iPad : Wbond Thanks for the tweet string. Taken under advisement.

Additional note: PAs for colonoscopies? I'd sure the hell hope not. I know the surgeon locally who had to do repairs when anything went wrong.

Twitter for iPad : CGallMD Ankur Pandya Sandy I don't really know what the numbers are or how they would come out, TBH. A friend of mine asked the head of a BMT clinic, in a consult, what the treatment cost, & the long time director said he had no idea.

Twitter for iPad : CGallMD Ankur Pandya Sandy It was intended to be blunt, not belittling. I've had the same conversations for a long time. That kind of framing often comes across as blackmail, usually by drug companies.

Twitter for iPad : "We don’t like to admit that health systems place a price on human life, and that there are prices we won’t pay. But there are, and if governments are going to have any money left over for things like education and infrastructure, there must be."…

Twitter for iPad : CGallMD Ankur Pandya Sandy It's not which life; it's which treatment.

It has the virtue of making the trade-offs explicit and transparent rather than implicit and opaque.