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Bio Knitter, spinner, beader, crocheter, fiberartist, felter. Mother of Aaron, Noah and Ben.
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Twitter for iPad : 🚨GIVEAWAY #6 FOR TODAY🚨

Jocelyn has a message for sure to watch the whole video!❤️


RETWEET to enter this giveaway featuring vinyl stickers of my drawing...picking 3 winners!

(She wanted to show you her tree flip)

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Twitter for iPad : Here’s video I found of Eric Trump saying “I’ve been to China many times—I love China—A lot of plans for China. We have an amazing buyer base from China that has apartments in our buildings—use our hotels—are members of our golf clubs” Make it viral #AMJoy

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Twitter for iPad : Ok

Here goes the first of several giveaways today

My #BlueWave 4” vinyl stickers (featuring my drawing) are in!

I’m giving 2 away

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Twitter for iPad : Here’s Rick Santorum. He’s been paying a company to get his pics completely removed from the internet. Be a shame if people were to copy this one and tweet it out again

Twitter for iPad : Donald J. Trump “Nobody likes you; everybody hates you.” The only poll numbers showing you ahead are those that have been rigged for your pleasure. 😏

Twitter for iPad : Devastating ad for McConnell

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Twitter for iPad : Hello, @dell. As this is the second night you’ve advertised on Tucker Carlson Tonight, do you agree with his statements on the homeless, that white supremacy is a “hoax” and that immigrants make our country “poorer and dirtier”?

Please reconsider your support if these messages.…

Twitter for iPad : Thumbs up to a boycott of all Jimmy Johns restaurants!
(with apologies for posting this obscene photo)

Twitter for iPad : Donald J. Trump And who's supposed to work at all these companies that are coming home, now that unemployment rates are low and you want to stop immigration?

Twitter for iPad : Utter failure by House Ways and Means Committee Chair Richard Neal. NYS offered him Trump's tax returns on a silver platter and he said no to that too! We worked for 2 years to get the majority so we could hold Trump accountable. This is unacceptable!…