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iPhone : Daggerford's no town for a reunion. Dave and Ben play musical theatre trivia with Hing and immediately regret it.

Twitter for iPad : Listen to Alex! He wrote a great book which means he can definitely read.…

iPhone : Jesus Christ I can’t stop laughing at just the *idea* of Mr Bean having the coronavirus. When did this happen to my mind.

iPhone : sorry but it‘s mindblowing to see on here how wildly different the stakes are for some people!! on the one hand, you have “Liz would remember your kids’ favorite colors!” and on the other, “I‘m voting for Bernie because my loved one died under our parasitic health care system.”…

Twitter for iPad : there should be japanese style rent-a-family services for white american women because many are clearly desperate for a mother’s nurturing touch

Twitter for iPad : Me on a date with the president candidates

Bernie: takes me to see... Jewish fight club (le sigh) 🙄

Warren: gives me a baby wipe to eat!!! 🥰

Pete: takes me out to see.... normal fight club 🤮

iPhone : most writing is entertainment, sometimes art if you're very lucky. its potential to generate change to society is low, unless it's done in exactly the right way, at exactly the right time. the context will dictate how "effective" it is, not the inherent merit of the writing

iPhone : My son has completely activated rat mode this morning. Screaming at a pot plant, hitting me in the face with a wooden spoon, trying to eat a band aid etc etc. These are exactly the things you hate to see.

Twitter for iPad : I think the worst thing about punditry is that it attracts, or maybe creates, the kind of personality where you just start saying words because you refuse to accept there is any field in which you’re not an authority…

iPhone : i know i gotta pay this charon guy. don't put coins on my
dead eyes. put them in my hands. don't want to wake up and think i died and went to Coin