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iPhone : Ben Habib) 's Twitter Profile">Ben Habib Lance Forman MEP We need to ask Ben Habib) 's Twitter Profile">Ben Habib why Boris is willing to pay 39b+ that we don't legally owe, in the hope of a trade deal that will never materialise... Once the WA is signed the EU has no incentive to do a good FTA. The government must learn from its mistakes....…

iPhone : Be really dreadful if this was retweeted a lot. I am sure none of my followers would dream of doing such a thing! 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇…

Twitter Web App : 🏔️ We reach the summit tomorrow. Are you ready?


🗺️ Globalism vs Nationalism in the Digital Age

🕙 10am to 5pm, Tuesday 19th November

🏰 The Tabernacle W11, London, UK


iPhone : When will the Labour leader learn, that you don’t “bring people together” by rigging a second referendum, offering two versions of Remaining in the EU on the ballot paper #ChangePoliticsForGood…

iPhone : On Marr this morning Dominic Raab confirmed that the future arrangements with the EU would follow the PD, not the Canada style agreement promised by Boris Johnson. He also dismissed no deal as a possibility, whereas the PM has said that remains on the table. 🤷🏻‍♂️

iPhone : So Lance, let’s put this to the test:

Assuming the WA is passed in its current form, I bet you £10,000 that the transition period will be extended in July. Are you on?…

iPhone : We have an NHS dental crisis in this country, and this ill thought through, measly proposal from Corbyn barely scratches the surface. All it does is highlight the Labour Party’s lack of understanding of the magnitude of the problem.

iPhone : Lance Forman MEP Lance the assurance from Boris was a Canada-plus FTA, that means no ECJ oversight. Do you foresee any difficulties with articles 4, 86, 89 of the WA and having para 131 of the PD deleted? Not to mention half a dozen other traps.…

iPhone : Corbyn on Marr this morning championing Remain vs Remain 2nd Ref and EXTENDING free movement - no principles, total sell out of their manifesto pledges.