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Sprout Social : Its not too late to #giveacrap and donate litter to shelters in need! Every time you post a photo in our photo frame with #giveacrap we add 5 lbs to the total well donate, up to a MILLION pounds! Get the frame at:

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Sprout Social : When in doubt, turn to a litter that keeps it simple: naturally great clumping and odor control without any added scents or extra ingredients. Learn more at:…

Sprout Social : Help your local shelter by learning to teach obedience, and helping train their animals! This skill helps shelter animals woo the humans to adopt. Find more ways to help shelters at:

Sprout Social : Want to give your cat a healthy summertime treat? Try a couple nibbles of cucumber! While your cat doesnt need veggies to be a staple in her diet like we do, cucumbers are very hydrating and have a little bit of fiber to help digestion.

Sprout Social : CatCon 2019 was a blast! Check out some of the best things we saw and did at this years event 😺 read more at: CatConWorldwide

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Sprout Social : Jim Darling Hi Jim, thanks for reaching out! There are a number of reasons this may be happening, including that your new kitten's digestive system is likely still adjusting to their new lifestyle. For more help, please get in touch with customer service at:

Sprout Social : Your senior cat may be experiencing some cognitive dysfunction, says Kristen Levine, Kristen Levine. Sometimes as cats age (10 years and up) they become confused or frustrated and may display some odd behaviors - such as crying. Submit your cat questions at:

Sprout Social : Not sure how to spend your Sunday? Get your copy of our FREE activity book! It's full of puzzles, games and education that cat lovers young and old will enjoy 😸

Sprout Social : There’s nothing quite like CatCon! Get an inside look into this year’s event in our latest blog to celebrikitties, crazy cat fashion and more:

Twitter Web App : Want to help shelter cats? You can still help us donate up to a MILLION LBS of litter by using #giveacrap or sharing a photo in our photo frame!
Shoutout to our amazing shelter partners for this year, who do so much to care for the cats that need it most.

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