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Bio Semi-professional nerd, full time queer non-binary (he/she/they) geek, shockingly regular artist. Mostly friendly.
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Twitter Web App : Im absolutely convinced these did not actually exist before today and history is being tampered with twitter.com/hellothisisiva

Twitter Web App : Tempted to do a montage of me raging & swearing

Twitter Web App : Very pleased with the cruise missile triple kill at the end of this, since they were indoors. Like the worst Amazon Prime drone delivery twitter.com/bighatdino/sta

Twitter Web App : If it doesnt come with a boardroom table accessory what even is... twitter.com/Toyark/status/

Twitter Web App : Yayy I'm finally uploading this scene! It's been in my WIP folder for a while.
吁ketchfab: skfb.ly/6QrzA pic.twitter.com/sRVc87nNRu

Twitter Web App : #蝯菜函鼠

RT栽乓押∼整整憿整 鉏*

Twitter Web App : Nendoroid Norman Reedus. twitter.com/gsc_kahotan/st

PlayStation(R)4 : More blathering from Team Friendly-Fire. The only people we insult are each other :D (cc: Dave Fetterman Dave)

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Twitter Web App : When I hear men worshipping guns and talking about how theres nothing that will stop them from defending their family, my mind goes to Naaman in the Bible. Do you remember Naaman? He was a great military leader, and he also had leprosy.


Twitter for iPad : Iguanus aint all that. twitter.com/sixotf/status/

Twitter for iPad :

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