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Twitter Web App : Nick Tornow Rob Norris, Esq. haha that was a fun, waste of money trip. I remember trying to get a number out of Motes but the only detail he would concede was “7 figures”

Twitter Web App : A lot going on, but what’s going on in North Carolina is getting wilder by the day.…

Twitter Web App : I forced a bot to watch over 1,000 hours of cooking shows and then asked it to write a cooking show of its own. Here is the first page.

Twitter Web App : Number of people who go bankrupt every year because of medical bills:

UK - 0
France - 0
Spain - 0
Portugal- 0
Denmark - 0
Australia - 0
Iceland - 0
Italy - 0
Finland - 0
Ireland - 0
Germany - 0
Netherlands - 0
Sweden - 0
Japan - 0
Chile - 0
Canada - 0

United States - 643,000

Twitter Web App : Moral of the story: the guy is full of shit about everything all the time

Twitter Web App : I decided to just teach my son to respect women.

Fewer things to buy.…

Twitter Web App : It's important to make clear that under Georgia law passed in 2017, these 53,000 can still vote if they bring ID to their polling place. It would be tragic and counterproductive if media coverage dissuaded those people from turning out.…

Twitter Web App : Oct 9, 2018: A transgender middle school student was told she could not take shelter in either the girls or boys locker rooms during a recent school lockdown drill. She was left in the hallway.…

Twitter Web App : If you think women in tech getting hit on at tech events/meetups (or in their workplaces for that matter) is rare or isolated you are wrong.

Read some of the responses Jeff Dean collected in this thread.

Men we need to do better than this and call out those around us doing it.…

Twitter Web App : I throw away almost 100% of the code I write because it ends up being dumb. Just thought I would mention that in case there are any beginners listening.

Twitter Web App : No sitting on the floor, no hugging your siblings, and it’s best not to cry: Migrant children describe life in detention

Twitter Web App : A tale of two doctors:

Michael Miselis, a 29-year-old PhD student, attends a white supremacist rally and brutally beats a black protestor. Still employed.

Eugene Gu, a 32-year-old surgery resident, takes a knee to fight white supremacy. Terminated.

Welcome to Trump’s America.

Twitter Web App : You know when you get a press release to cover a Guinness world record attempt for tallest stack of waffles & expect it to be some big commercial thing & then its just a guys house? This is SO MUCH BETTER. Follow along, #Denver! Things might get weird!

Twitter Web App : "They are sitting there screaming and crying, 'Please don't take me away'...There are 700 little kids sitting there by themselves without their parents. They are traumatized."


Twitter Web App : My prediction: nobody is going to care about this location services thing until a child is murdered because of it. And then Congress will go crazy and break some unrelated part of the Internet.

Twitter Web App : Oof. LocationSmart, a company I wrote about last week that gets data on nearly everyone's cellphone location, was leaking that on its buggy website, briankrebs reports:…

Twitter Web App : Reporter: Was there a part of you that was like, this isnt real, this would not happen in my school?

Student: No ... its been happening everywhere, I always kind of felt like eventually it was going to happen here too.

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Twitter Web App : American teens are 82x more likely to be shot to death than their developed world peers. How much effort will be expended talking around that stark fact?…

Twitter Web App : There are hundreds of phone apps that track location, texts and other data and make it available to would-be stalkers.

Dozens of these say they're for monitoring your kids, but they quietly market themselves for tracking spouses. 1/…

Twitter Web App : Across New York City, black people were arrested on low-level marijuana charges at 8 times the rate of white people over the last 3 years, an investigation by The Times found