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Twitter Media Studio : Barr says of cop critics, “They have to start showing, more than they do, the respect and support that law enforcement deserves.” But the same shouldn’t go for the #FBI? This is a bad guy, and I think I know why.

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Twitter Web App : Life is complicated. Should Trump be impeached? Yes, you have to try to stop this insanity of bringing in a ringer for elections. And 12 other things they didn't mention. But do I think the Dems will get their ass kicked in the trial in the senate? Yeah, I kind of do.

Twitter Web App : Trump has made NATO something only liberals care about, like dieing from pollution - a liberal thing. I ask again, why is it that Republicans get Patriotic Immunity?

Twitter Web App : Rosemary needs our help. Rosemary spent 25 years in medical research. Please join me in supporting Rosemary and the other former research chimpanzees Project Chimps today. #GivingTuesday

Twitter Web App : Just listened to a podcast that was 2 hours and 37 minutes, which is not that atypical. Why is it that the attention span in America is either 10 seconds or 3 hours?

Twitter Web App : Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! And really be thankful this year, because a year from now we will be in the midst of post-election...well, I don't know what. But I don't think it will be pretty. Treasure one more year of semi-normalness.

Twitter Web App : I think Trump should use the excuse that he cannot sweat due to his time in the Falklands for why he committed his Ukraine-related crimes. No, it doesn't exactly make sense, or partly make sense...but I can see Lindsay Graham repeating it!

Twitter Web App : I see GM brought back the "I like red" ad for year 2, it must have really worked - but talk about 2 Americas: who are these middle class people who can afford not 1 but TWO giant gaz-guzzlers at a time? Half the country wants socialism and half are buying cars in bulk?

Twitter Web App : They keep "catching" Trump with his talking points on a paper he's holding - but the Repubs win because they have one or two talking points they all get behind. Maybe Nancy Pelosi should get "caught" with talking points so Dems get it thru their thick skulls this is how you win.

Twitter Web App : Let me echo me from yesterday: Biden's Ukrainian connection, tho relatively innocent, wld be a giant liability if he's the nominee, just as Epstein wld be for Hillary. What, Epstein? Yes, because Bill was on the plane, and trust me they'd make it a thing. That's what they do!

Twitter Web App : ...criminal like Trump) THE story out of Ukraine in impeachment hearings and the fall campaign, I direct you to the war hero John Kerry being branded the coward agst the draft-dodger Bush in 2004.

Twitter Web App : Biden should get out. The only reason for him in that field was he could win - I've seen enough, now I doubt it. The IDEA of Joe is great, but he's not the same guy who stared down Corn Pop. And if you think Repub.s can't make Hunter's 50k/month job (it is swampy!, just not...

iPhone : Watching Sondland way more of a chore than Vindman, Yovanovitch, both highly decorated veterans of foreign service. Of course Trump is also highly decorated, i e he wears a lot of make up

Twitter Web App : A lot of senators that I talk to, Republican senators...quietly, they’ll say Trump doesn’t tell the truth...some of them will say Trump’s a racist... They’re not likely going to do anything about it. – Sen. Sherrod Brown #RealTime

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Twitter Web App : Love this George Conway, the way he never misses a chance to call out Trump/Republican bullshit, even while married to Kellyanne! Of course, if the press wants to write about a married couple where one worships Trump and one hates him...write about the Trumps!

Twitter Media Studio : Trump shit tweets smears and threats while #MarieYovanovitch was testifying to smears and threats, which is witness intimidation, which is an impeachable offense that he committed during his impeachment hearing. GOP #ThisIsYourGuy?

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Twitter Media Studio : This year, just celebrate Thanksgiving. Dont try to win it. And never forget the single shining truth about democracy; it means sharing a country with assholes you cant stand.

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Twitter Web App : OK, I think I get it now, thank you Jim Jordan: Trump committed treason, but he did it ironically!