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Android : I don't want this to happen to America, do you? Germany does not belong to the Germans any more, Britain does not belong to the British, France no longer belongs to the French and so on.

Android : LGBTQ… So honestly, what is “queer”? Does anyone know? It’s not gay because you wouldn’t have a Q and also have the G. How is queer different from bisexual? What are the rules?!

Android : My child is BB. You feel big and brave picking on an 11 year old girl, that's so dedicated to her sport, that she plays golf in the rain?…

Android : Despite currently polling at 1%, Robert O' Rourke raised over $6 million in the first 24 hours of his campaign

So why has he still not payed the $21,000 he owes to the El Paso Police Department for the 675 hours of overtime they worked to staff his campaign launch in March?