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iPhone : Have you seen this bee?

The white-faced mason bee has only been recorded in the UK three times! BWARS are asking the public to look out for it:
📷 P-Jean Quenot / Nicolas Vereecken

iPhone : Another great reason to grow Wild Teasels right outside your window, leaving the drapes open ‘till the very last nanosecond - chattering ‘Charm’. Nature’s wonderful amphitheatre

iPhone : Queen Bumblebees adore Pussy Willow that are simply to propagate from cuttings. In early spring cut 12-18” lengths off the end of a young branch (without pussy willows). Make your cut diagonal. Plant fresh cuttings directly into wet soil, or put them into water to grow roots

iPhone : Checking in up high on my #Beewalk today. Absolutely festooned with early Queen bumblebees feeding on the nectar rich Salix caprea ~ Pussy Willow catkins. A perfect patch to return and survey for:… BBCT

iPhone : We wish to share our most recent guest blog, written by two of our dedicated & much appreciated BeeWalkers, Margaret & Lily Alston! Be inspired & read how they carry out #BeeWalk (our national #bumblebee survey), click here: #volunteer #inspire

iPhone : Birds are now searching for nesting materials you can help by leaving plenty of: Twigs
Horse hair
Pine Needles
Dead leaves
Spider’s webs
Sheep’s wool. Making a simple nest box is also useful #BeAMessyGardener encourage #Wildlife

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iPhone : It made me smile, as gifted an origami #Bee. I think it’s a Bombus Rupestrise? and probably the best part of swapping #Bee friendly seeds with the young and talented dextrous folk who love their Bees too #SayItSeeds

iPhone : What’s inside your 2017 wild bee homes? Are there Solitary Leafcutter bees or maybe a few Mason bees ready to emerge to start the cycle again during Spring 2018? Let’s have a peek into just one of mine....

iPhone : Sarah Marshall Sadly, there are other nasties in floral foam I have a list somewhere. It’s on the Web. Easiest thing would be for manufacturers to label contents or if you know the brand/supplier maybe enquire. Tie the tubes together perhaps? Plenty of alternatives to try

iPhone : Sarah Marshall Hi Sarah. There is a company that patented a non toxic floral foam - oasis without the formaldehyde etc - try a web search maybe if that’s your choice of nesting materials. My ‘alternative’ is always natural materials, or those that don’t leak toxins :)