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Twitter for iPad : Sheamus I always love watching your videos on YouTube very entertaining I had to laugh during the box jumps because you fell over it and then Cesaro fell to but great job

Twitter for iPad : The days that I crumble, I cry...I feel like I have failed as a mother, a teacher, as a person, I remind myself that motherhood is hard. The hardest thing I’ve ever done. And they need me so much right now. It’s important to be kind to ourselves too.

Twitter for iPad : Thats why Seth Rollins is the best atm, the Man, the best Wrestler in the world and the best wrestling coach👊 Awesome stuff 👏👏 i love it 🔥🔥🔥 😍😍❤ BLACK×BRAVE #SethRollins #BurnItDown #FightingChampion

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Twitter for iPad : He smacked me in the face - How could you, Marek Brave? 😁 #SethRollins #MarekBrave #TylerBlack Seth Rollins

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Twitter for iPad : .BLACK×BRAVE ships WORLDWIDE...even to Germany 😋 #SethRollins #MarekBrave #BlackandBrave

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Twitter for iPad : .BLACK×BRAVE took over the PROGENEX Instagram story last night. See what its like to train with Seth & Marek. #SethRollins #MarekBrave

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Twitter for iPad : From BLACK×BRAVE Instagram

Only at BxB...
#BlackandBrave #SethRollins

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Twitter for iPad : From blackandbravewrestlings Instagram! #SethRollins

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Twitter for iPad : Seth Rollins calling his loss of the IC Title, the “biggest loss of his career” sums up how good the reign was and how important the IC Title has been. Good stuff.

Twitter for iPad : It's amazing just how much Seth Rollins elevated the IC title during his reign. He really is an immense talent worthy of being at the top again.

Twitter for iPad : Most disappointing loss of my career. I owe it to myself and to that title to be better. The time to move is now. #AllHeart…