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Allya wants iKON ot7

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Twitter Web App : that’s just Hanbin running away 😅…

Twitter Web App : the way ikonics went from being too quiet that people didn't know we were on kpop twitter to being under every article and different fandoms ranting about us

Twitter Web App : Nobodys perfect but you are all beautiful 🌹
Here are hanbins compilation saying that you are all beautiful #BeautifuliKON iKON GLOBAL iKONIC

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Twitter Web App : WHO IS HE MOCKING??? Why do i stan eye— never want to smack someone this bad... 😑

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Twitter Web App : I want to remind everyone especially the haters that Hanbin didnt auditioned in YGe but YG producers scouted him. Thats real talent right there & he never bragged abt it. He worked hard for it even until the day he was abandoned by the same agency who took him in 8yrs ago.

Twitter Web App : [after a fight]

Yunhyeong: [packs Chanwoo's lunch]

Yunhyeong: This was not made with love, just so you know