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Bio Jer Thorp is an artist, writer & educator. He is an adjunct professor at ITP. He/Him/His. Living in Data, FSG, Spring 2020.
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Android : A minimum of 20 percent of Dead Astronauts royalties, possibly more, will go to Center for Bio Div, the Friends of the St. Marks Wildlife Refuge, and efforts to create a state-wide wildlife corridor in Florida. So your pre-orders help.……

Android : See those two little flappy things on its lower jaw? THOSE ARE MALES. They extrude an enzyme that basically melts their mouth and her body together, all his bodily functions cease, and thus he basically becomes a portable zombie sperm purse she can use at her leisure to reproduce…

Android : Read the Art Spiegelman essay that Marvel Entertainment refused to publish in a truly epic act of cowardice

Can you imagine having the stones to tell the creator of Maus that he doesn’t have the right to talk about fascism?…

Android : Zillow Big Data & Society Matthew Zook “Data want to be free,” argue Zillow’s economists... The reality, as we know, is more complex. Interfaces do not liberate. They only reframe. They ask us to see data within new virtual and interpretive settings, which make some things easier and others harder.

Twitter Web App : Thomas Padilla This is all I could find:…. They also have an app that does just the ML-driven ID:

Twitter Web App : So the The New York Times is hosting a talk with the CEO of Sidewalk Labs and it sounds like its going to be a hard-hitting, ask the-tough-questions kind of event...

Android : The ableist bigotry of the right knows no bounds. This photo is awesome. Disabled people fighting fascists and fighting for the rights of all Americans and the republic is awesome. You Elijah are not awesome. You are a limp dick.…

Android : Not enough people are mad at me just for mentioning ecofascism, so I made this chart in order that the maximum number of anime avatars can furiously explain that two of these poles are actually the same and/or can’t possibly be compared.

Android : This chart (from todays release -…) surprised me. A lot is written about suicide in young men - the most common cause of death for this group. But its actually those in their 40s and 50s who have the highest rates.

Android : Pay very, very close attention to me:

Comics, as medium, have never. Ever. NOT ONCE EVER. Been "apolitical."…