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Bio Jer Thorp is an artist, writer & educator. He is an adjunct professor at ITP. He/Him/His.
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Twitter Web App : #crowdsourced question for Twitter:

Working on a story about Native Americans and the 2020 Census. Who do you know that is doing work on the ground to make sure that Native Americans are counted?


Hootsuite Inc. : If there are extra dimensions, they may have stagnated while only 3 became as large as the universe we observe. The others remained folded up in a cosmic origami. Too small to stick your hand in that direction, we are oblivious of their presence. #PWSciCon

Twitter Web App : Tee 🔜 PAX East Thank you so much! And I totally agree that the accessibility is one of the coolest things about CSS - Id started experimenting with it years ago partly as a result of then being too broke to justify a purchase of a license for digital paint software 🙃

iPhone : I love this idea.

I’m an opinion editor at The New York Times. If you run a student newspaper and you need advice about something, you can always contact me and I’ll do my best to help.

My guess is that most reporters and editors feel the same way, and would be happy to help.…

Twitter Web App : Digging through my computer today to make an updated portfolio website!

I found some old code that automatically picks colors and uses them in little sketches. So heres 1000 auto-generated digital snowflakes for November ❄️❄️❄️…

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Cheap Bots, Done Quick! : hey guys sorry I know its been a while but Ive been super burnt out because Ive been distracted by my word count

Twitter Web App : Dara Sands Thats partly the point - I wanted it to be broad enough to capture anything that someone might consider to be conservation. This turns out to be so vague that you can fit in gardening, trophy hunting - whatever you like. There are many conservations, not one!

iPhone : Day 20, lines and blobs. This has been a lot of fun, I’ve been enjoying posting and getting feedback from y’all, I think I’ll continue. #make20 #20daysITP #unity #shadergraph

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Twitter Web App : James is one of only a few people in the world who took concrete action to save Syrian lives. He faced unimaginable pressure and targeting as a result. May he Rest In Peace and his family and loved ones find peace in all that he achieved.…