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iPhone : Carolyn Reed Lol Probably a good idea.

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Twitter Web Client : I always find it so interesting when random apps literally blow up with popularity overnight. I had never heard about that FaceApp before yesterday, and then it was EVERYWHERE. Like the Big Bang or something. Reminds me of that Flappy Bird game. Haha

iPhone : Can finally make it official. It’s here! Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling premieres world wide on @Netflix August 9, 2019! #RockoSpecial

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Twitter Web Client : Awesome #Slack Pro tip that Drew Schuster (works 4 Slack) recently shared with me:

If you hold SHIFT while clicking emojis in Slack’s emoji window, it stays open! Thus allowing you to select multiple emojis without losing your position/closing the box.

#GameChanger #SlackProTip

Twitter Web Client : Jason Schreier I tried the demo, and my biggest gripe with it is the slow dialog. It's tedious to skip through. It goes so slowly, and it super annoying stopping you from doing your objective every minute. Did the final version fix any of that?

iPhone : I’m not even using over 80% of my storage and iOS won’t shut up about this stupid upsell. It keeps showing the red badge number over the “Settings” app, and it’s so annoying.

Twitter Web Client : Zen Superman jon snowder I am personally all for npm these days. Yarn made sense when npm wasn't caught up, but now the feature parity is basically the same. I also just prefer the command structure/naming in npm vs yarn. Honestly, it just comes down to what you or your team prefers. No obv pros/cons.

iPhone : New standup special Aziz Ansari: Right Now. Directed by Spike Jonze. Out July 9th on Netflix US. (cc: Netflix USisajoke)

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Twitter Web Client : I bought a course on Udemy ~4 years ago, and now just actually started it. Better late than never, I suppose! 😬🥳 At least the people who made it have kept updating it, and kept it relevant! lol

iPhone : Sara Vieira Every location of theirs I’ve been to is! Haha But with that said, they do look amazing. Esp. the new big flagship store here in Chicago, incredibly beautiful. Haha