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iPhone : Chris Davies MEP Meet our new EU leaders - Ursula Van der Leyen (under investigation for corruption), Christine Lagarde (found guilty of financial negligence), Josep Borrell (found guilty of insider trading). So, explain your ideas on reform/progress Chris, I’m sure this fine lot are listening 🤔

iPhone : When the history of the least two years is written Philip Hammond will take the blame much more than Theresa May for the shamble of negotiations with the EU and his failure to prepare for a Leave without a Treaty #whosesideisheon…

iPhone : Inflict as much pain as possible on the people of the UK and give them a deal so terrible staying in the EU looks like the only option. In some countries these people would be called traitors and jailed!

This demonstrates how these people have been working against the people.…

iPhone : I and millions of other Brits will look forward to the day when we’ve left the EU with no deal and this repulsive, treacherous rat has been run out of the Tory party.…

iPhone : Corbyn begging to be made PM. Grieve demanding Parliament be recalled early.

The increasing, impotent desperation of these treacherous Remoaners is a joy to behold.

Boris, don’t give them an inch. Prorogue, stall, curtail debate - do whatever it takes.…

iPhone : ”If you devote all your energies to frustrating the referendum you legislated for, going against the result of the ‘17 general election and now trying to undermine the new Prime Minister, you cannot be surprised if millions start to feel a bit Cromwellian about you” 2/2

iPhone : Wow.

Have you ever seen ‘Jeremy’ lose it and get so angry at a simple question?

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iPhone : I suspect we are currently witnessing the frenzied last twitchings of the hardcore Brexit deniers. Any MP who has spent the month of August profitably, speaking to constituents, will know that people want Brexit completed and support Boris in his efforts to achieve that.

iPhone : AC Greyling using his money and influence on behalf of Remain. Unelected, unscrupulous and utterly immoral. Is it any wonder Leave voters feel so cheated?

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iPhone : #Brexit #NoDealBrexit #BrexitParty #Democracy

Leave voters did you vote to -

A - just LEAVE THE EU as per ballot paper then get deal sorted, meaning a period of WTO


B - for a deal as the gateway to leaving rendering art50 timeline useless.

Please vote & RT cheers. 😁👍

iPhone : As a full clean WTO Brexit edges ever closer, lets remind ourselves of the passion of a true Brexiteer with this absolute legend & Mod...Roger Daltrey.

Betray us at your peril....🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

#Brexit #WTOBrexit #LeaveMeansLeave #StandUp4Brexit #Boris #Conservatives Boris Johnson…

iPhone : Look remainers, we voted to #leave we were a majority of 1.2 MILLION.. This is no slim margin. We live in the #UK where democracy has ruled for 100’s of yrs. A minority cannot overturn a majority, otherwise we become a dictatorship. We must #leave Oct 31st no ifs no buts. #nodeal