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iPhone : Do you remember Omar?
I took Omar and his mom from Aldahei area in #Hodeidah to the nutrition center. The mother had an acute kidney failure and she died today😭. Omar will become an orphan.

iPhone : Oh good I see that #Ridge didn't even bring up the UN report to the PM 🙄

Brexit is important but can we please start holding the Tories accountable for other stuff as well? This report is absolutely damning, and that's why Tories should be resigning, not Brexit.

iPhone : jon ronson I would ordinarily have found that last ep a bit overwrought, but the last line of the Dad was almost identical to what I said to my Mum as she died, so for a show about grief, it got it right. Took the wind right out of me

iPhone : I agree that the last episode was a bit swimming in treacle, and even a bit boring, but the series was overall amazing. The end of the Bent-Neck Lady episode - so fucked up and moving and creepy and devastating all at once.…

iPhone : Extraordinary that Theresa May has managed to bring Amber Rudd back into Cabinet faster than the Home Office have even been able to accurately give a final no. of, & make contact with, all those British citizens wrongly deported because of the Windrush scandal #BurningInjustices

iPhone : Congratulations, Tories. This is quite a report:
14 million live in poverty
1.5 million are destitute
Child poverty may rise to 40%.
Use of food banks soaring.
All driven by ’social re-engineering’ not economic necessity.

You must feel very proud.…

iPhone : While the public school posturing goes on and Westminster journalists race after the gossip, this is happening. What an utter disaster this government has been.…

iPhone : The Suns Harry Cole. What would happen if Guillermo del Toro was given Barry from EastEnders as a template upon which to base one of his creations.

iPhone : No group of politicians has done more damage to this country than the 50 or so hardline Tory Brexiteers. They have infected the UK with their poison, concealed their real aims, evaded all responsibility, & now knife their own leader for failing to deliver their fantasy

iPhone : . The Labour Party respects the referendum result. But we do not accept that this is a choice between Theresa May’s botched deal or no deal.

If this Brexit deal doesn’t meet our six tests and work for the whole country, then we will vote against it. #PMQs