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Twitter Web App : UK accused of 'silently eroding' EU pesticide rules in Brexit laws…

Twitter Web App : "developed in collaboration with ergonomists, physiotherapists and researchers"

*stares in disabled person*…

Twitter Web App : Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance, and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Twitter Web App : Citizens for Ethics It constitutes a felony. By playing the Republican game with our laws and ethical standards, we are rolling the dice on the future of America. The Republican Party is too corrupt to govern or to exist in America's political environment.

Twitter Web App : At best, this is sloppy ethics compliance. At worst, this is a massive conflict of interest where DeVos must oversee accountability for a “brain training” company that she has millions of dollars invested in.…

Twitter Web App : Story: my mom’s 7 kids all have 4 or less and she was so frustrated when they were stopping “early”. She even talked to one SIL abt how it’s wrong to limit # of kids. She was SHOCKED when she found out bc isn’t specifically counseled against for us.…

Twitter Web App : Straight Pride Parade in Ada Oklahoma.

This picture says it all. Youve got a trump banner in the background, a Confederate flag, a Straight Pride sign and a Nazi salute.

Twitter Web App : Now that Elizabeth Warren is gaining a lot of momentum, we can very much see “Not That Woman 2020” evolving further into a frantic disingenuous narrative about how she’s “not really progressive” & all the usual suspects doing the usual bullshit about what that means. We see you.

Twitter Web App : Extremists who pass policies hurting our poor, immigrants, women, LGBTQ community, & people of color have CPAC to spread lies & misinformation, then we’re having #PPCMoralCongress to bring some truth-telling to the nation.

Twitter Web App : ‘White Men trying to tell women how to control their bodies’: College Students discuss #AntiAbortion Laws.
Reminiscent of the days ALL WOMEN were considered #Chattel a form of Slavery.…

Twitter Web App : The The New York Times owes its readers an explanation for why they have to wait until the *twenty-first paragraph* to find out the Pentagon is keeping critical national security intelligence from the President of the United States because they believe he'll LEAK IT TO A FOREIGN ADVERSARY…

Twitter Web App : Peter Daou It's a particularly crazy take when you consider that, of the six women running, only Marianne Williamson has ever lost a race. The other five are all putting undefeated election records on the line.

Twitter Web App : Tired of all these corporate media frames and narratives that give false hope, that sugarcoat the GOP's authoritarian takeover.

Tired of false equivalence.

Until we see reality for what it is, and NAME IT what it is, we will not change it.