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iPhone : .Belinda de Lucy: “Sanctions not words are needed on Iran.”

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iPhone : Watch Matthew Patten MEP ⬇️

“The EUs desire to have a proper foreign policy is like Pinocchio trying to be a real boy.”

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Twitter Web App : Playing political games with people’s lives is never acceptable.”

Watch Dr David Bull MEP hit back at absurd scaremongering about medicine shortages for cancer patients ⬇️

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Twitter Web App : Je ne regrette rien!

Martin Daubney MEP ➡️: We are leaving the European union and we have no regrets.

We Are Ready for a Clean-Break Brexit ⬇️

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Twitter Web App : .Lance Forman MEP: If you believe in democracy, you must stand with the British people.

Our exit from the EU is long overdue!

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Twitter Media Studio : Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage: An agreement on the backstop is close, but it is still the worst “deal” in history.

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Twitter Web App : Remember Theresa Mays Withdrawal Agreement with the European Union?

Its not just the Irish backstop. The Tory Withdrawal Agreement remains the worst deal in history⬇️

iPhone : .Nigel Farage: “Whatever they throw at us, we are going to win this fight.”

We Are Ready!

Register your support now ⬇️

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Twitter Ads Composer : .Martin Daubney MEP ➡️, The Brexit Party's PPC for #Ashfield, is ready to give a voice to his community.

Ashfield voted 70.4% leave and has been completely abandoned by the two party system.

Register your support for The Brexit Party now ⬇️

iPhone : We are getting ready to stop the great Brexit betrayal.

Come and meet us in Newport, Telford and Exeter this week.


iPhone : Great team, great weather, great reception. Voters want us to leave the EU fully and as soon as possible. Many feel increasingly motivated the more Parliament betrays their votes.…

Twitter Ads Composer : We were in Southport last night for the latest leg of our nationwide Conference Tour ⬇️

Be part of this moment in history!

Come and meet Nigel Farage and leading eurosceptic speakers.