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Twitter for iPad : *choke, cough, swallow, spit out my coffee* Isn’t this the husband of one of his top aids? Ya think someone would listen to him!? Help us Kellyanne Conway! You’re our only hope! We’re pretty much f**cked then! Have been for a while, if anyone else besides @GTConway hadn’t noticed.…

Twitter for iPad : Yeah! I didn’t think the #MeToo Poster Children were about believe them when it helps and don’t when it hinders crap!!…

Twitter for iPad : “Did you know it’s possible to support a candidate who is not a rapist? That candidate is Bernard Sanders. You should look at his agenda.”

#NotMeUs #BernieOrRapist #TimesUpBiden #NeverTrump #IBelieveTaraReade

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Twitter for iPad : Alyssa Milano said if the sexual assault against Joe Biden was credible mainstream media would be jumping on it,

Tell that to the women silenced by NBC to protect Matt Lauer and Matthews.

Women silenced by Fox News to protect Roger Ailes.

So much for #Metoo


Twitter for iPad : Some of you will rather settle for clapping for health care workers than work hard to radically change the ghoulish system that deliberately left them unprepared for a pandemic.


Twitter for iPad : Isaac Asimov died OTD in 1992. This quotation from 1980 holds up:

“There is a cult of ignorance in the United States…. [It is] nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.’”

Twitter for iPad : Alyson Metzger Yeah his followers are all bots. Even the human ones. Bots brainwashed by the idea that Democratic Party’s brand of capitalism is going to someday shift from its cronyism to start actually caring for the needs of the base. It’s all a bad dream and we are gonna lose the #2020Election again.

Twitter for iPad : It’s been time Bernie re-evaluate his people. Bernie needs advisors who believe he can win. It’s also bigger than Bernie it’s a movement and we need fighters not those who capitulate to the…

Twitter for iPad : Aladina Bernie Sanders Just want to remind you about what you said “that in Cuba if you’re sick you can die before you know the results of a test.”As you see, the US isn’t different. With this Coronavirus, the only people getting tested are basically the rich. Bad healthcare isn’t good for Cuba or US.

Twitter for iPad : IT'S A LIE

Pretending Trump is America's sole problem is an excuse for the political/media establishment to avoid profound systemic change.

"If we just beat Trump, everything goes back to normal."

Normal of climate disaster, school shootings, kids in cages, inequality, etc...