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iPhone : God bless TikTok

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iPhone : every single shot in this thirty nine second clip from the matrix reloaded is the greatest shot in the history of cinema, until it is surpassed by the following shot

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iPhone : Another iFunny user this month has been arrested for threatening mass violence.

He wrote, “I will carry out what I post.”

iPhone : hurry coward I suffer from depression too, and at one point I wanted to quit NERV. But I realized it was my fault for the problems I was dealing with and not NERV's. I'm allowed to talk to people, but sometimes I don't want to. Now I have great copilots to pass the nights with.

iPhone : I sent my friends the absolutely bonkers video featured in Ryan Broderick’s garbage day newsletter and they stopped talking to me for 4 hours. It was worth it. garbageday.substack.com/p/ted-bundy-st…

iPhone : Me desperately trying to explain to anyone over the age of 35 how a large amount of male My Little Pony fans were radicalized into neo-nazis: some of those that fuck horses are the same that burn crosses

iPhone : After the Christchurch shooting, an iFunny user shared a simulation of the attack built in Minecraft. When one of its members was arrested, planning a mass shooting, the site's COO appeared to crow about the traffic boost it would receive. via Ryan Broderick: