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Bio Science writer and blogger, hiker, landscape photographer. Im into reef fish, conifers, good beer, science puns, and hot peppers. MSc zoology. OR - HI - WA
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iPhone : It hurts to be torn from your restaurant, uncertain about when you’ll be reunited with your restaurant, desperately hoping your restaurant is ok— wow sorry that’s the other thing twitter.com/presssec/statu…

iPhone : The thing that really angers me about those crying for Trump? They’re not. They’re crying for themselves, because Trump is a proxy for all their shitty, hateful ideas. And they can’t handle that people find their ideas shitty and hateful.

iPhone : First you say you dont want children and babies in prison *without* their parents. Next you say you dont want children and babies in prison *with* their parents. Okay liberals, Im beginning to suspect that you just dont want children and babies in prison *at all*.

iPhone : “I’m not a fan of confrontation. I have a business and I want the business to thrive. But this feels like the moment in our democracy when people have to make uncomfortable decisions to uphold their morals.” - Stephanie Wilkinson, owner RED HEN washingtonpost.com/news/local/wp/…

iPhone : This guy received a presidential pardon, without submitting himself to the formal Justice Department process and jumping a line of more than 2,000 who had formally applied for a pardon. 👇👇👇 twitter.com/DineshDSouza/s…

iPhone : Sarah, I know you don’t care even a tiny little bit about the ethics rules, but using your official account for this is a clear violation of 5 CFR 2635.702(a). It’s the same as if an ATF agent pulled out his badge when a restaurant tried to throw him/her out. twitter.com/presssec/statu…

iPhone : Pam Bondi attempted to attend a screening of the Mister Rogers documentary a day after announcing her plan to end protections for health care consumers with pre-existing conditions. Here, via @timintampa, is what happened.

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iPhone : denying other people's rights, abusing those people, while being agog that someone would kick them out of a restaurant for it doesn't and won't ever scan as hypocritical to them because they see those other people as literally lesser, inferior, to them

iPhone : if you're thinking "how do republicans not see the hypocrisy of being angry over being kicked out of restaurants while working to deny people's fundamental rights", you gotta step back and remind yourself they see this from a position of supremacy over others

iPhone : "I always do my best to treat people I disagree with respectfully, so here's the name and location of some people who wronged me. You know what to do." twitter.com/PressSec/statu…

iPhone : Putting the owner of a little restaurant in a small town in rural Virginia on blast with your official, government-owned account followed by 3 million people is very polite and respectful. Not petty and vengeful at all, Sarah, I agree. twitter.com/presssec/statu…

iPhone : Lol Delta does not know about pitbull Twitter, which has the anger of MAGA Twitter after mainlining a mailbox full of cocaine. twitter.com/apsouthregion/…

iPhone : I am fully supportive of crazy pitbull people, they are the sweetest dogs and their owners are always so happy when I ask to pet them because no one does 😭

iPhone : Ticks are great. They're like, "What's a very basic pleasure? Walking in tall grass? Cool, let's mess that up." They built their whole lifestyle on that goal. You have to admire it on one level