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Bio Science writer and blogger, hiker, landscape photographer. Im into reef fish, conifers, good beer, science puns, and hot peppers. MSc zoology. OR - HI - WA
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iPhone : Millions and millions of fire ants forming islands and floating on flood waters. #HurricaneFlorence

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iPhone : Penguin mummies! They can tell us a lot about the Antarctic ecosystem hundreds of years ago.

iPhone : The closest you can get to knowing what it’s like to be a ghost is listening to a podcast where the hosts are trying to remember a piece of trivia that you know

iPhone : Ted Cruz says Beto is “too quick to blame the police officer” who broke into a black man’s home and killed him. twitter.com/thehill/status…

iPhone : Lindsey Graham wonders who paid for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s $300 polygraph test.

Well the American people wonder who paid for Brett Kavanaugh’s $200,000 credit card debt, $92,000 in country club fees, and $1.2 million mortgage when he gets paid $220,000 as a federal judge.

iPhone : Skills Unlocked:
Monkey Noises
Snake Noises
+200 XP

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iPhone : Jeepers, Peepers! Arctic varieties of species will be featured in Subnautica Below Zero. Here is the Arctic Peeper concept by artist Alex Ries Alex. Disclaimer: Contents may change in final game.