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Bio NO to cultural Marxism. Prof linguist, pro-Europe, anti-EU. Pro free speech. Ex-leftist.
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Android : David Drury. The Independent Such incidents are becoming commonplace, it is obvious that some desperate remainers are using this as a deliberate political tactic and trying to hamper campaigning, so I presume you think the person who egged Corbyn should have got off scot free?

Android : The Independent Yet more evidence our establishment liberal elite are determined to undermine democracy and restrict freedom of speech and thought, they ignore historic democratic mandates and joke about street thuggery, and have the nerve to call others fascists

Android : Take a deep breath. A really deep breath. Here are the European election figures from the latest Welsh Political Barometer poll + analysis from Roger Awan-Scully Poll puts Brexit Party on course for European election triumph in Wales…

Android : WATCH | Heres how the biased BBCs iain watson reports on a man committing common assault against the leader of a major UK political party, which is currently leading the polls. He was expressing his views about the Brexit Party... 🤔

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Android : .Happy City UK What have you got to say about this?

I am truly shocked that one of your leaders should write such a Tweet, especially as you apparently stand for "wellbeing for people place and planet". 👇🏼…

Android : Let it be known, from this day forth, Ian Dunt has no problem with people throwing cold beverages at him. If you pour a milkshake over his head, he will most probably ruffle your hair like a kindly uncle and say "oh, you!"

Android : This whole ‘funding narrative’ is such a fake news story - and will have zero impact on Thursdays election result. But BBC and Channel 4 and other sloppy journalists are grasping at straws. Meanwhile the polling goes up for The Brexit Party…

Android : A Tory councillor has his home petrol bombed... How dare you tell us "they deserve it" when we complain of assault? How dare you excuse hate, just because it's aimed towards the right? This is what hate filled vitriol like "Tories are Nazis" creates. This is attempted murder.…

Android : Despite 3 years of provocation and demonisation...

When was the last time a Brexiteer threw a milkshake?

When did you last see children at a Brexit rally waving bollocks to EU placards?

When did you last see Brexiteers protesting and shutting down Remainer rallies?