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Android : Drivers of luxury cars (such as BMW and Mercedes) are less considerate of others on the road, according to a study from UC Berkeley.

Android : Leopold II was a sadistic Belgian Emperor that occupied the DR Congo for 23 years. During this time he was responsible for the genocide of 15 million Bantu people.

While worse than Hitler, we don’t learn about him because he did this to Africans.…

Android : So today I have found out my dad has got terminal cancer. He is a Liverpool fan and got me into football and into supporting the reds. His name is Sean, I'd love it if we could get Liverpool to send him a message wishing him well-

Android : *opens a new twitter account*

Twitter: choose a username


Twitter: sorry, that username has been taken


Twitter: sorry, that username has been taken


Android : We need to talk about Nigerian mom’s especially Yoruba's obsession with collecting and hoarding wedding souvenirs. like no matter how well off they are, This shit goes all the way to the top

Android : In the next five years i will be among the most successful business owners in Nigeria and my Zobo business will be known over Nigeria and some part in the world. Inn Shaa Allah 🙏 🙏 🙏…

Android : "and women are just more than a cook" and I said it and she said OK. I think I know this but i didn't use my words correctly but i like the fact that she pointed it out to me. What if i don't know ?

Android : I was watching a movie with a girl recently and there was a scene where the wife was serving the husband his food. And I said this is how i want my wife to be serving me. And he quickly told to me to change that statement and I should say " it will be nice if my wife can do this.