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Jackie Loomis on @Lodge49,
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Twitter Web App : OMG you guys. You have to watch it. You have to watch it. It really does make you feel better about awful things.…

Twitter Web App : Hey Lodge 49 fans. If you've listened to the great #Lodge49 podcast Pod49 then you've heard one of the hosts talk about being in the restaurant biz in Brooklyn. Here's a fundraiser to help them pay their staff during the shutdown. Don't let the Sidecar go the way of Shamroxx…

Twitter Web App : If you’re looking to watch something that feels like the now — a show about institutional failure but individual kindness, a show about resilience and trying to find capacity for joy in suffering — I can’t recommend LODGE 49 (Hulu) enough.

Twitter Web App : Video games? The arts.
Comfort novels? The arts.
Streaming TV? The arts.
Chillout music? The arts.

In our most dire hours, art keeps us sane, lights the dark, ensures we stay human.

We turn to art for help. So make sure you help the arts through—and on the other side of—this.

Twitter Web App : "What the show believes in, more than anything, is that there is a deep sense of magic and mystery all around us and in every single human connection. It’s something that, now, more than ever, we need."❤️🍩 #lodge49forever #lodge49…

Twitter Web App : The Artists are still
Plucking banjos
Writing stories
Performing monologues
Painting portraits
Planting sunflowers
Singing harmonies
Knitting caps
Telling lore
Photographing valleys
Designing games
The Artists are still
Saving Us.

Twitter Web App : I asked a bunch of the TV critics and journalists I most admire, inside and outside the Los Angeles Times, to recommend a TV show to binge while under self-quarantine. 40 got back to me. Here are their answers.

You're welcome.…

Twitter Web App : We and the #MPPWF have created a COVID-19 Disaster Fund for eligible SAG-AFTRA members who have been impacted by this global pandemic. If you need help ask, and if you can help, give: #COVID19 #coronavirus

Twitter Web App : “delightfully empathetic”

Lodge 49 on @Hulu

21 TV shows to watch while in quarantine…

Twitter Web App : #Lodge49 fans are so talented and creative, check out what alex made for Circles. ❤️🍻 #LynxforLife #Lodge49forever…