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Android : In London for meetings, when they end I've twenty minutes to catch my train that's a twenty minute walk away. Make it in fifteen only to find my trains delayed! Ah well, brisk walks are meant to be good for you!

Android : BT It's not having issues atm, but my neighbours have confirmed they're also experiencing sporadic drop outs of service. Could the high winds be causing a wider issue?

Android : BT The hub is wired, I'm connecting to the hub wirelessly though. Lights go from solid blue, to flashing orange. Occasionally steady orange for a few seconds, or flashing orange with an orange broadband logo lit up, then back to steady blue

Android : So I recently started playing #FinalFantasyIX on the Switch. When I was younger I *loved* its predecessor but I've got to say I'm preferring IX on the Switch to VIII.

Android : On a train atm and the guy sat opposite me is man -spreading *so* hard. One leg is in the aisle, the others blocking the seat next to him, then he's angled his feet for maximum 'spread'. It's honestly the most absurd display I've had the displeasure of 'viewing'.

Android : Ok. Wow. That was an utterly fantastic adaptation of #Dracula. It felt very new, very different but still 'true' to Dracula (with the usual Gatiss and Moffat twists).